Japanese Supreme Court Upholds Special Surveillance to Keep Tabs on Muslims

The Japanese Supreme Court has affirmed the practice of extensive surveillance of Muslims, rejecting an appeal by 17 plaintiffs who challenged the policy on the grounds that it violated Muslims’ constitutional rights to privacy, equal treatment, and religious freedom.

  • Two nukes and Japan got rid of their god emperor.

    How many will it take for Islam to get rid of its pedophile prophet?

    • Martin B

      Two nukes for Mecca and Medina would be a good start.

      • andycanuck

        Leaving aside Jerusalem, I think there are a few other ‘holy’ cities (at least pilgrimage centres) that need it too as well as every Islamic capital. I would have done it on Sept 12, 2001 but it looks like now we’ll have to wait for an inevitable nuke hit on a major Western city before the right thing is done.

  • Maggat

    Seems like a smart move to me, keep it up by all means.

  • Alain

    Seeing a Sikh protesting for Islam is somewhat reassuring. I mean when I see non Muslim whites and leftist Jews doing this, I thought they were the only two afflicted with this mental illness. Now at least I know it is truly without borders, you know like those doctors without borders bit.

  • Maurice Miner

    “I’m turning Japanese I think I’m turning Japanese I really think so.
    Turning Japanese I think I’m turning Japanese I really think so.”

    • dance…dancetotheradio

      That’s going to be in my head for hours.

  • useless opinion

    The Japanese are a conservative and disciplined culture. Post 1946 we love them for that. It is a good thing that their judges have not been fooled and retain this view of their people.

  • chuck_2012

    the muslims have brought this upon themselves.

    • Editor

      This! A thousand times this.

  • WalterBannon

    If only our govt was a diligent in its duty to protect our culture from invasion by the terrorist cult of Islam.

  • Gary

    ” it violated Muslims’ constitutional rights to privacy, equal treatment, and religious freedom”

    I guess McGuilty , Wynne and Barbara Hall didn’t get that Memo because they
    all approved muslims bringing their privacy and equal treatment into the Valley Park PUBLIC school when those Peaceful muslims in Thorncliff Parkistan (Toronto) demanded their Jew-hating ,homophobic, Misogynistic mosque on Friday’s in the Lunch room.
    Same thing for those Peaceful Ahmadi’s in Maple ( North of Toronto and East of the 400 hwy ) that weren’t happy with getting their illegal mega-mosque in their gated-community ( muslims-only) , so their next demand was to have the PUBLIC school near the mosque to provide a mini-mosque on Friday’s while knowing the Christ was kicked out of the Public schools.
    We often see how when muslims are the minority in a School they play the victim and want special religious Rights for a “little” prayer space , but once they become the majority the story changes where the minority must respect islam that now dominates .

    **Here’s a small piece of BS from the Ahmadi’s community ( Peace Village) and the school that has candy coated the fear of terrorism and riots with the veneer that canada defends equality and religious rights to accommodate minorities .

    ******* The Ahmadiyya say they don’t mean to isolate themselves, and they send their children to a public school.
    Still,the Nation’s “cultural mosaic” is fairly monochrome in this spot: Teston Road Public School, which opened last month NEXT TO THE MOSQUE , is about 80% Muslim( ahmadi) , the school provides its Gym on Fridays at lunchtime so the kids (muslims) can kick off their running shoes, bow low toward Mecca and pray.

    “Even though they are born in Canada,” says Teston Road’s principal, David Nimmo, “their first language is Urdu.”
    Full article – http://canadianimmigrationreform.blogspot.ca/2007/10/neghbourhood-in-vaughan-on-built.html

    The photo (attached) is the new Welcome sign into the Muslim-only community and replaced the original Jihad GREEN bill board style Welcome sign that had an Arabic verse from the quran in small italic’s which asked allah ” For a victory overt the Kufirs to claim their land for the caliphate and islam” .
    That was the same verse that Tarek Fatah cited at a Senate Hearing into radical islam where the Liberal Grant Mitchell mocked Tarek as an islamophobe when he told Mitchell that this Prayer is used by Imams to open the service in almost every mosque in canada.

    Those peaceful muslims were exposed as islamists and crusaders for allah when a non-muslim that grew up knowing Arabic had drove by the sign and stopped to read the small print and saw the Quranic verse used by Jihadists for the Caliphate.

  • Why aren’t we doing what Japan is doing?

    • BillyHW

      Because we are stupid.

      • Pretty much, yeah.

        Those guys in the photo? It would not surprise me if they were put on a plane by the Japanese immigration department.