Toronto: On Al Quds Day Mainstream Muslims Inform Us That Zionists & ISIS Are Collaborators

I’m sorry I had to miss this because of work.

The pic below is from the annual Al Quds Day festivities at Queen’s Park.

I’ll hunt around for more pics from today’s demonstration of mainstream Islamic values, the kind Justin says we share.

Zionists and Isis Al Quds Day Toronto 2016

  • ontario john

    I’m sure it was well attended by united church ministers. You know, the united church that boycotts Israel and ignores the persecution of Christians in islamic countries.

    • Liberation Theology — the Marxist/Atheist infiltration of the Christian Church. Happened 40 years ago. If there was ever a modern-day example of “heresy” or “religious blasphemy” it’s not Islam — it’s the United Church.

      Writers such as Harry Antonides trace Liberation Theology to early Gnosticism (vs. agnosticism).

      • ontario john

        This is the same united church that is currently debating whether their clergy can not believe in God.

        • Jack Layton is currently burning in hell for eternity. Best evidence for the existence of God.

      • Will Quest

        The priestess at the UCC are preparing their congregation to get down on all 4s , raise their arses westward and bang their heads on the floor…. OH and they make sure that no one dares mention Jesus as our Lord and Saviour…. that would be blasphemous …..

  • Alain

    Another annual Hate Fest takes place and provide a safe place for the haters to meet, spew their venom and socialise.

    • UCSPanther

      It is just like the “Two Minutes Hate” that Orwell coined and described, but for the Ayatollahs…

  • UCSPanther

    Gotta love the modern day version of a German-American BUND rally…

  • It can only get worse before it gets better. Truedope is bringing back the Iranian Embassy.

  • ontario john

    I’m surprised feminist Trudeau isn’t there with his pretty beads.

  • marty_p

    Robert Spencer gave a superb speech followed by a question and answer session:

    Raheel Raza also gave a speech showing her support:

    A group photo of many:

    • That’s heartening. One of these days I have to attend one of these events. I’ve got this huge “jihad beard” which I usually cut off in the summer — maybe I should keep it on and infiltrate the Quds buggers — document what they’re privately saying.

  • John

    What a bunch of ignorant morons

  • Samuel

    It’s all just one big Zionist conspiracy.

    • Yep, bagels with Philadelphia cream cheese. Irresistible — the Jews are trying to suck us in to their conspiracy. Dammit, I’m going to put orange marmalade on my bagels from now on. Join the resistance!

  • Gary

    Do these morons from the United Church not know that Zafar Bangash wants the iran Shria in Canada to legalize child-bride pedophilia.
    I can understand the Liberal party supporting Ben Levin’s right to kiddie porn and pedophilia …… but these idiots don’t have a clue that they will be in the history books for crusading to legalize sex with children.

    Wynne is so F’d up to support the homophobic islamsists and now these al quds muslims that condone pedophilia.

  • Hard Little Machine

    Look at all the stupid fucking white people. They should be the first beheaded when Sharia comes.