Sure you can have $15/hr serving fast food. But your job no longer exists.

From Tech Insider:

In 2012, secretive robotics startup Momentum Machines debuted a machine that could crank out 400 made-to-order hamburgers in an hour. It’s fully autonomous, meaning the robot can slice toppings, grill a patty, and assemble and bag the burger without any help from humans. The internet flipped out.

Years of relative silence ensued, but in January, Hoodline’s Brittany Hopkins learned that the San Francisco-based startup had applied for a building permit to convert a ground-floor retail space in the SoMa neighborhood into a restaurant. More.

Reality check: If this one doesn’t work, the next one will. It’s not a problem to progressives that the job no long exists because transferring the former employee to the welfare roles means another dole (as opposed to prole), and doles are much more reliable than proles.

They don’t work so they’re not interested in rational issues, but rather in increasingly irrational entitlements and grievances. Thus they are easy to manipulate.

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