Political parties are slowly dying

“…A generation ago a lot of Canadians identified with a political party in the same way they might have connected with a local church.

They usually assumed the political affiliations of their parents.

Party membership was an important component, along with church and service club membership, of a person’s identity within a community.

Back in the day, political leaders could reliably count on members of their party, driven by local street captains, to turn out and vote for the candidate of the day.

It doesn’t take an Einstein to figure out those days are long gone.”

  • andycanuck

    … or turning into one party.

    • V10_Rob

      Effectively one party, yes. Indistinguishable policies, with the only argument between them being who gets to be in charge to go on all the fancy junkets and generally get the red carpet treatment.

  • ontario john

    Good news for the elites who run North America. They don’t have to spend as much money on those foolish elections. Canada’s favorite prime minister, feminist Trudeau is already taking steps to get rid of that pesky democracy thing.

  • The article is an accurate historical observation.

    I remember when if you were Catholic you voted Liberal. If you were Protestant you voted Conservative. It was as predictable as the law of gravity.

    I also remember when the only people who opposed abortion in this country were Liberals/Catholics — Conservatives/Protestants never spoke out against abortion in those days. Of course the demographic has completely changed over the years.

    A different phenomenon happened in the U.S. The Southern “Johnny Rebs” who hoisted the Confederate flag during segregation were generally Democrats. The Ku Klux Klan were likewise Democrats. The Unionists (anti-slavery) were generally associated with Republicans. Although that demographic hasn’t changed much — Democrats are still racists, but they’ve learned to hide it under the banner of “anti-racism”. Democratics are still hiding under the “cloak” of the Ku Klux Klan, at least metaphorically.

  • Alain

    Due to generations raised on the socialist/communist teat and the “me” culture, whoever offers the most freebies and goodies wins. No need for sound government, integrity, balanced budgets or sound policy; even blatant theft and corruption are ignored as long as “I get what I want for me”.