Mastermind of Istanbul Airport Attack Had Been Georgian Informant, Official Says

The day after at least 43 people were killed and more than 235 injured in a terrorist attack on Istanbul’s international airport, Turkish officials announced the arrest of the alleged mastermind behind the attack: Akhmed Chatayev, an ethnic Chechen from Russia who, in the past, had traveled extensively in Ukraine, Austria and Georgia.

Suspected Istanbul Attack Mastermind Was a “Refugee” Protected by the EU

  • I blame the former Soviets. They opened the can of worms of global Jihad with their invasion of Afghanistan in the ’70’s. Up until then, there was no such thing as “global jihad” in recent times — Afghan Mujaheddin had no global aspirations, they just wanted to kick out the Soviet atheist dictators. Christians and other religions were generally free to practice until then, Afghan women even wore bikinis at one time!

    Not unlike the Socialist atheists in the West, the Soviets thought they could enforce Socialism on the rest of the world. Perfect pretext for Bin Ladin and crew, and the rest is history. Socialism is the global problem, not the global solution, and the global Jihad is the result. Socialist dictators persecute non-violent religions, so naturally violent religions will replace it.

    (Not that I’m opinionated or anything 🙂 )

    • Alain

      So the American involvement which aided what became the Taliban had nothing to do with it? As much as I detest communism which includes the old Soviet Union, they did not create global jihad nor the Americans or any other non Muslim country. Jihad, global or local, is an integrant part and obligation of Islam.

      • DVult

        The Russians were keeping all those cuckoo southern stans down and were going to do the same in Afghanistan. Nobody realized what a favour they were doing everyone. Maybe we should have let them have Afghanistan and if they wanted to have a go at Pakistan then stand aside there also. It would have kept them more than occupied there rather than making mischief in Europe and when it comes right down to it who cares about Afghanistan or Pakistan as long as they don’t bother us.

      • I did a little study a number of years ago on pre-9/11 Jihad (consulted only accounts written before 9/11, 2001). Bin Ladin, the Taliban originating in Pakistan, and other foreign influences were rather marginal to Afghanistan. It was the Soviet invasion and dictatorship that brought all the interest to that country. The Soviets were already persecuting Muslims in the USSR, as they did all religions. I honestly didn’t see evidence of anything “global” until the Saudi Arabian borne Al Queda set up shop after the Soviet invasion.

        Not that Islam has not always been “global” in its aspirations, and inherently violent, but nobody seemed to be acting on it in recent times until then. Until there was truly a threat to religious freedom from the Soviets. (The Americans didn’t repress religious freedom).

        I think the main focus of Islamists up until then was the Palestinian cause and the destruction of Israel — almost every modern act of terrorism until that point was focused on Israel, or connected to it in some way. (I’m probably being sloppy about this, but for what it’s worth).

  • How did the Georgians miss this?

  • mobuyus

    A mastermind only in the land of unicorns.

  • simus1

    Stalin was a double agent, a Georgian, and an apprentice priest.
    And likely a psychic too, given the attrition rate of his peers and rivals.