Lena Dunham Twofer! We haven’t featured this swamp donkey in a while, so here you are…

lena dunham swamp donkeyLena Dunham is very disturbed by the naked female stars in Kanye’s ‘Famous’ video

In a recent edition of her newsletter Lenny, “Girls” star Lena Dunham wrote about how when she first started working in Hollywood at age 26, she grew increasingly scared of speaking her mind, knowing she would receive some thoughtful comments but also be vilified by the Internet. “I was frozen with fear of offending people whose opinions I trusted and anger at being harassed by f—sticks,” she wrote. “And I wasn’t sure how I could continue to persist as a public voice when the voice in my head was so addled.”


lena-dunham_2387052bLena Dunham Co-Produced A Documentary On A Business That Customizes Suits For Gender Non-Conforming People

Yes. It’s true. Lena Dunham is producing documentaries now. Well, co-producing, which is just as bad, as it suggests that someone was actually like, “Yeah Lena! This is a great idea!”

Her documentary is called Suited. It gives a glimpse behind the Brooklyn-based company Bindle & Keep, which specializes in making suits for transgenders and “gender-nonconforming” individuals. Lord knows we have so many gender-nonconforming people these days.