German court rules against headscarf curbs for students

Meh. I left a comment, see below. We’ll see if they publish it. They might. Arab News really is very good for publishing hostile comments. I give props. They’re better than I would be if I were operating out of a tyranny like Saudi.

‘When you say “humans” of course you mean Muslims. Infidels are “the vilest of animals” or “the worst of living creatures” depending on your translation (Koran 8:55). Hurtful, of course, to an infidel like me, and yet somehow I’ve managed to avoid slaughtering anyone over the insult. I have this weird idea that it’s not okay to commit violence just because something rubs you the wrong way.

Look, I don’t object to the headscarf per se. My Ukrainian grandmother wore a sort-of headscarf – a “babushka”. Pretty normal, historically. It’s basically a kind of peasant version of a hat. This case was never going to stand up in a court of law. (It isn’t like banning a face covering, which probably would, and should.) But notice the language here. “State Justice Minister Winfried Bausback said… all participants in legal proceedings must be able to trust in the independence and neutrality of judges and prosecutors”. In other words, dressing in a Muslim fashion is a political statement. Especially for women. Well he’s not wrong.

Could I proudly wear a crucifix in Saudi? Or in Pakistan, for that matter? No? So we agree, religious dress is a political statement.

This was a kamikaze legal proceeding, and they knew it. The prosecutor was never going to win. It is a protest. Merkel, my opinion of whom you would not print, has just flooded Germany and to some extent Europe with Muslims and the Bavarians, notoriously old-fashioned, not decadent Berliners or anything, are freaking out about it.

I lived in Munich (Bavaria) for a year when I was 13. The Turks, imported by mad people in the ’60s and ’70s for cheap labour, were bad enough for sexual harassment, I can tell you first hand. (No ethnic German ever stalked me for hours when I went out bicycling or anything like that. But you know how it is with underage blonde girls and people of a certain ideological persuasion.) What’s going on now is beyond description. The country might be ruined. You think all Germans are happy about that?

I do not believe women should be forbidden to wear the headscarf. I do believe that Germany should not have a sizable Muslim minority. Saudi doesn’t have a sizable Christian minority, does it? So explain to me your moral objection to this Bavarian legal proceeding.’