FBI Grills Hillary for More Than Three Hours, Witness Cheryl Mills Seen at Residence

Reports were confirmed on Saturday morning that the Federal Bureau of Investigation interviewed Democratic presumptive presidential nominee Hillary Clinton for over three hours at FBI headquarters regarding the unsecured email server that she used and sent classified information over while Secretary of State.

  • Spatchcocked

    Oh dear…..I thought they meant grilled on a gridiron….what a disappointment…..,.,

    But I bet if they threatened to slap Huma around ….twist her arm behind her back and stuff like that….pull her hair HARD….you know the usual business to bring a broad to heel …bring a broad to her senses….and never mind the ol PMS horseshit……then I bet ol Hill would sing like a canary.

    Just my two cents worth of common sense.

  • Spatchcocked

    That’s why they call me the “solutions” man……you want results they say go to Spatchcocked…he’s got a lifetime of practicality to draw upon…….and is glad to share it.

  • V10_Rob

    Three hours, huh? Must have been some pretty pointed negotiations. I wonder how much she had to agree to pay in order to make it go away?

  • Norman_In_New_York

    Just a reminder: If Hillary is caught having made false statements to her questioners, she can suffer the same fate as Martha Stewart. Also, Bill’s meeting with Attorney General Lynch raises the issue of witness tampering, another crime punishable by imprisonment.

  • Daviddowntown

    Lets see now, if she gets $250,000 for a half hour speech today she made, 3 hours /.5 x $250,000= $1,500,000. Not bad for a saturday afternoon.

  • jack burns

    The only thing that got grilled are some burgers. She and Comey had a couple of Diet Cokes and watched some lesbian porn.

  • Ed

    This “grilling”… might it have involved whether they wanted cream or milk in the coffee?

  • Gary

    Loretta Lynch had met with her husband (Bill) on Tuesday for private talk on his Air Plane which we know was to tip Hillary off about what not to admit to and which LIES were selected by her staff to have the same narrative when talking to the FBI.

    I feel sorry for Bill Maher because his charade to act oh so wise and mock the Benghazi case and Hillary’s private server is now imploding to make him look really stupid.
    Bill Maher get his news from the same media that is corrupt and filters the News to protect Liberals and islam on top of Democrats . Recently he still didn’t get it that the Benghazi issue was linked to the CIA illegally running guns while Obama and Hillary were in on it but went into a panic when Hillary’s Arab Spring became a Spring-Mine to explode and cause 500,000+ deaths and millions of refugees.

    I expected Bill audience to be low IQ trained-seals that clap and boo on cue , but Bill??????

  • bob e

    mebbe’ bill got a little from low-retta on de’ plane ..

  • james

    i wonder if she did the ” Sharon stone ” leg spread ?

    • Clausewitz

      Annnnnnnddd, there goes lunch.