Calling Out Radical Islam

We might recall earlier insights from such as Jefferson, Tocqueville, Gandhi, and W.F. Buckley Jr.

“…In the wake of the Orlando massacre CIA director John Brennan admitted that ISIS is intensifying its global initiative and that we are “losing the battle.”

And yet Obama and Hillary Clinton and a good many Republican politicians are fastidious in not calling out radical Islam, refusing even to name the declared credo of the enemy. It is as if identifying radical “Islam” and its history is somehow anathema to humane sensitivities. At present the intrepid Trump stands alone in employing the term and confronting the malaise, albeit amidst vast media ignorance and vilification.”

  • Icebow

    I hear some sort of unofficial organized reception of Syrian migrants is going on in Toronto.

    • WalterBannon

      john tory is handing out free suicide belts

  • Alain

    In order to dispose of the eternal enemy (Islam), it is imperative first to dispose of the internal enemy. Unless and until that is done, I see no hope.