20 People Killed In Dhaka Restaurant Attack

Twenty people have been killed after gunmen took dozens of hostages at a restaurant in the capital of Bangladesh, Dhaka.

Army Brigadier General Naim Asraf Chowdhury told a news conference that those who died had been killed with sharp weapons.

It is thought that between six and 10 attackers stormed the building in the diplomatic zone.

Six gunmen were killed and 13 hostages rescued.

Two officers were also killed as police approached the restaurant during an initial attempt to break the siege.

Islamic state release sick photos of ‘dead tourists’ as Bangladesh forces storm restaurant

The photos, which show lifeless bodies in pools of blood, were released by the heinous terror cell’s propaganda machine.


Bangladesh newspaper The Daily Star are reporting that Dhaka restaurant hostages were instructed to recite the Quran, those who couldn’t were tortured, those who could were not harmed. Their report comes from an interviewed with one of the rescued hostages, Rezaul Karim.

Bangladesh army officials have spoken at a press conference at 1:45pm local time and confirmed that 26 have been killed in the Dhaka restaurant attack, 6 of them were the attackers. Officials say most victims were killed with sharp weapons. Despite Isil and al-Qaeda both claiming the attack as their own, there has been no confirmation of this.

ISIS terrorists shouted ‘Allahu Akbar’ as they hacked to death 20 foreign tourists in restaurant in Bangladesh’s diplomatic quarter before commandos stormed the building freeing 13 hostages (Warning Graphic Content)

  • Hard Little Machine

    This year, when the annual typhoon drowns a million in Bang The Desk, I’ll be rooting for the typhoon.

  • mobuyus

    What? islam again.

  • ontario john

    I’m sure it has nothing to do with islam. Its that secular organization called Daesh that the Toronto Star keeps talking about. I wonder if Canada’s favorite prime minister asked the muslim women with bags over their heads, at the celebrations yesterday why muslims are so bat shit crazy?

  • mauser 98

    …not reported by the CBC…amazing

    Trial of 10 Minnesota Jihadis Returns Guilty Verdicts Ignored by Media

  • Yusuf_al_Kafir

    And so soon after the airport attack in Turkey, eh?


    Islam is like a poorly-behaved child.
    No sooner than the parent starts to explain that their child is not poorly-behaved and not to blame for the latest property damage the there goes the kid trying to light the curtains on fire. Dammit, Timmy!

    Seriously, between promoting the death cult of islam and excusing the murderous actions of its members the media has to run double duty during the month of Ramadama-dingdong.

    All the talking heads on my TV are playing the “but, these people weren’t actually members of ISIS” card.
    As if it’s acceptable to just being inspired by ISIS to commit mass murder.
    Would the media say “well, they weren’t wearing white hoods” if some assholes, inspired by the KKK, committed mass murder?

    Me thinks not!

    Do your part for world peace, burn a Co-ran today!

  • SDMatt

    CBC had some guy on talking about the allegation that those who couldn’t recite the Koran were tortured and killed. He stressed that this is just an allegation however the fact that so many foreigners were killed would seem to corroborate it.

    Then Dwight Fucking Drummond – I shit you not – gets on and says:

    “So the separation wasn’t necessarily automatically between Muslims and non-Muslims, it was between locals and foreign nationals.”

    This was one of those phony interviews: he guy wasn’t really talking to Drummond, the CBC just edited Drummond in there – there’s a noticeable jump in the video where the Ceeb obviously injected him.

  • Concerned Canadian

    I have to wonder why the police/army waited so long before going in. Did they really believe that they could negotiate this hostage taking. It is always clear that when muslims take hostages, they are doomed. I have sinister thoughts but they cannot be proven so I will I will take a pass.