Muslims launch terror attack in diplomatic quarter of Bangladeshi capital Dhaka – Hostage situation

At least two people have been shot dead and a further three injured in what is believed to be a terror attack in the capital of Bangladesh.

(CNN)Police exchanged gunfire with armed attackers Friday in a diplomatic zone of Dhaka, Bangladesh, police told CNN.

“It could be a restaurant or a hospital,” Gulshan police station duty officer Sayedur Rahman said, describing the location of the shooting. “An unknown number of people are trapped in those places,” he added. – (Reports say up to 20 hostages)

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Police locked in a shoot-out with gunmen who shout ‘Allahu Akbar’ as they take hostages including foreigners at restaurant in Bangladeshi capital Dhaka

Police are locked in a shoot-out with gunmen at a restaurant in the diplomatic quarter of the Bangladeshi capital of Dhaka.

As many as nine gunmen are said to have entered the restaurant and opened fire, unleashing at least 50 shots and hurling makeshift bombs.

The restaurant, which is popular with foreigners, is in the upscale Gulshan area of the capital.

Three policemen were wounded by gunfire that erupted as officers surrounded the Holey Artisan restaurant, a police officer said.

He said there were foreigners inside the restaurant, taken hostage along with staff members, and that police were preparing a plan to enter the premises.