Rex Murphy: Those who voted to leave the EU weren’t stupid. They were just angry. And with cause

You have to consult the Lamentations of Jeremiah to find a grim parallel to the wailing and gnashing of Europhile teeth after the Brexit side won the recent referendum in the U.K. The Remain crowd have proved to be sore losers, with their flood of excoriation, mockery, denigration and raw anger directed at those who voted to leave the European Union.

Even days after the vote, the losers cannot contain their scorn for the result, nor repress their anger at the low-rent, anti-immigrant, xenophobic Little Englanders whose views prevailed.

  • Alain

    The Left just does not deal well with defeat on any issue, but then isn’t that the way of fascist totalitarians.

  • The Remain voters have clearly never been to Greece, a country Britain would STILL be saddled with had it stayed in the EU.

    It’s air-lifting time.

    • Blacksmith

      The problem is those remain voters are living large off the work of the BREXITers and when they go to Greece they are staying at the resorts and are being waited on hand and foot by those poor people in Greece, they think it is their right.
      Damn I hate elitist trash, I can’t wait for it to all go pear shaped and the elites find out how it really works.

      • Bingo.

        The EU was an expensive failure.

        Leftists should be made to explain why they think what/how they think.

        • Blacksmith

          And for every time they say ummm or uhhh they should get a kick in the junk. Leftist morons are ruining the world with their lack of thought, they should be removed from the gene pool.

        • Surele Surele

          It took how many years to break up the Soviet Union? Brexit is just the beginning, let’s hope.

          • It’s a sign that Britons are at least aware of their surroundings.

    • Surele Surele
  • Maurixio Garciasanchez

    Specially in London they hate immigrants that they elected a Muslim mayor.

    • ed

      in the last 2 years crime rates in London have risen by 60% the met police refused to comment on the ethnic make up of the offenders .oh ! by the way over half of all murders and rapes in the uk are now committed by foreign nationals or migrants [ brexit ]

      • Maurixio Garciasanchez

        You right that’s the reason they elected a muslim to deal with the crime in London .

  • I thought the stock market was supposed to crash — at least according to the parade of talking heads at CBC. John Kerry even apparently made an emergency trip to Europe to meet with his counterparts and deal with the Brexit “crisis”.

    Meanwhile the markets are already back to normal. Not that the Left has ever given a rat’s ass about the markets or Banks making money, or “free trade” (Justin is starting to talk like Brian Mulroney all of a sudden). But the Left will always oppose anything that reeks of freedom, and they will ally themselves with any cause that enslaves people. They are in fact fascist totalitarians.

  • ed

    I`ve been watching and listening to lefties and liberals for the past week .their tears of abject misery are a joy to see .if I could bottle it I would make a fortune .and the bonus we have years of it to come .”brexit ” to a left-tard is like garlic to a vampire ! [ ed uk[