Palin on Paid Anti-Trump Protesters: ‘Not Even President Yet and Our Guy’s Already Creating Jobs’

“Like a golden wrecking ball [Trump] shattered walls in the good ol’ boys club. He knocked out the hypocritical intolerance that dare stymie freedom of speech with intimidation and those false accusations of sexism and racism just to stop debate,” said 2008 vice presidential nominee Palin. Alaska’s former governor pointed to the “silly protesters” at Trump rallies as those behind the accusations. She remarked at seeing “a bunch of them this morning coming out of the hotel.”

“We’ve been telling him he should hold his rallies at construction sites. You know protesters aren’t going to show up at a job site,” said Palin. “Did you know some of those rebel rousers, they’re actually paid protesters. So there you go, not even president yet and our guy’s already creating jobs.”

Palin: I Call Republicans Against Trump What They Are: ‘RAT’