No, Rona. It’s about YOU

I am continually pestered by fundraising whines from the Conservative Party (the zombie Progressive Conservatives) who will never govern again and never should.

Yesterday their prez, Rona Ambrose, whined (in “It’s about you” mailer)

As the first parliamentary session under this Liberal government draws to a close, we have seen how out of touch they are with ordinary Canadians.

In the last several months, the Liberals have added billions of dollars in debt while at the same time wasting millions of taxpayers’ dollars on renovating their Ottawa offices and taking their families on vanity trips. They also pushed through changes to our national anthem and they plan to ram through major electoral reform legislation – without letting Canadians vote on it!

But our Conservative caucus is hard at work. Our Party is providing stable and principled opposition against this government that refuses to listen to hardworking Canadian taxpayers.

Why do we do it? Because of people like you. Every day we work hard to stand up for Canadian families like yours against Liberal entitlement and reckless spending.

We raised more money than the Liberals in the first quarter this year. Tomorrow marks the end of the second quarter, and we need to maintain this fundraising advantage.

Reality check: No, Rona, it’s about YOU. I don’t need you to maintain a fundraising advantage. I need you to go out of business so that we can have a party for life for ordinary Canadians. You’re what’s keeping that from happening.

Rona, I wanted that money your party saved to go to my grandchildren, not me. Trudeau blew the cash because he does not need grandchildren (he has unlimited abortion, soon-to-be unlimited euthanasia, immigration without commitment, virtual slave labour in the Third World, temp foreign workers, and automation).

Your party exists only to please big donors and mildly hand-wringing middle-class types who don’t work for the government and are concerned about the growth of the Endgame State where a globally oriented government does not need the people who live here. (Wring hands mildly.)

We need a party for life for Canadians (the people who are not now needed by wonder heroes like Trudeau). But I know I am wasting my time even talking to you. Your party will never govern again, nor should.

I wonder, who can we talk to who matters?

But hey, let’s look on the bright side! At least your party has a FEEmale president! Ooh!, Wow! and later maybe, a gay president and a transgender president. And then maybe an Islamist president who will arrange for the flogging and execution of at least some previous presidents. Water under the bridge, right? We should just keep sending you money.

Canada’s elites, like you, no longer need Canadians. But most Canadians still need Canada.

On Canada Day, I ask you, please just take your party down quietly before the serious business starts.

I do not blame the Liberals because they truly believe that unborn children are medical waste and (if the usual trajectory holds) that mental patients can be offered suicide as a money-saving  option. The people who supported you thought you cared. But you don’t.

Quit now. Spend the rest of your life on fancy cruises with global capitalists. Or go teach in the States with Kim Campbell. – Denyse O’Leary

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  • I don’t think Rona gets what’s happening in the big wide world she sounds like she would have voted Remain.

    • ghost of benghazi

      She probably was weeping openly when BO was insulting Trump. We now know why Harper kept a tight leash on these dim bulbs.

    • Solo712

      She is clueless and evidently someone thought of letting her run the party because she’s sexy, and being a dolt works wonders for Trudeau.

      • mobuyus

        You have to have been Solo since at least 712 to find her sexy.

  • k2

    What causes a societal shift? A multitude of factors, no doubt, but it has clearly happened and continues to do so. The PCs have become steadily more “progressive” over time. Some of this was no doubt unconscious and unintentional, due to naivety, ignorance and just plain old fashioned stupidity. And some of it was done consciously and cynically.

    Regardless, that is where we (and the PCs) are. They have dragged (and been dragged by) “conservative” Canadians in a direction opposite to what they used to stand for. Society has shifted fundamentally Left or more accurately, in a progressive direction, and I personally don’t see this changing – for generations at least. I guess that the PC Party is simply trying to profit from (and further facilitate) this change in Canadian society.

    • In other words, they are useless appendages who will never govern again. We need a party for life.

  • Solo712

    I used to say that the “Progressive” was a way to apologize for the “Conservative” in the name of the party. Let’s face it, For much of its history Canada has been a one-party state with the two parties interchangeable as much as partners in a same-sex marriage.

  • ntt1

    the east wall of the outhouse is pretty much papered in with conservative money pleas, the door proudly bears a picture of steve and I have high hopes for the rear wall before the next election.

  • ontario john

    Why don’t the Conservatives and Liberals merge and get it over with. This farce that the Conservatives are any different is getting old. I almost puked when the best that Rona could come up with about Obama’s visit was that she liked his global warming scams.

    • Alain

      In a real sense we do have only one party. It is like the same tree with a few different branches: Conservative, Liberal, NDP and Green. So for me they could all just merge and at least be honest about being branches of the same tree.

  • simus1

    Any party that thinks having a temporary leader for a few years is smart politics has severe problems.

  • dance…dancetotheradio

    You’re on fire today kiddo.
    This song springs up whenever I read your byline.
    Denyse O’Leary’s dead.
    Oh, no, no, no. she’s outside.
    Looking in.

    • “Romantic Ireland’s dead and gone. It’s with O’Leary in the grave.” Or maybe not.

  • Dogandcat

    Is it possible, could we, maybe, sometime, have an alleged kind of Trump in Canada??? No? Didn’t think so………………a nation of happy shop keepers working for our elite establisment.