Must have died in some earth upending cataclysm….

Mihaly ‘Michu’ Meszaros, ‘smallest man’ – obituary

Dead Tiny Person

  • andycanuck

    See? I told you the Telegraph without Lord Black was turning into the Guardian.

    • All I know is I miss Michu. I didn’t know him, but I miss him.

  • marty_p

    Looks like he was a talented ceiling walker too.

    • ntt1

      could be gravity boots they say it stretches the back out and adds inches.

  • Spatchcocked

    What a small world….I’ve just been thumbing through his official biography for the last week.
    This was published shortly before he retired……it’s a compact little volume of his condensed pensees ……many footnotes refer to his lifelong affair with Miss Minna Tour the notorious double jointed naked Nautch dancer who never shrank from publicity and was arrested many times in her life for her debauched performances.
    She stated that in the dark he is a giant of a man… and researchers still wonder what her meaning was….
    They refused an insulting offer of interment at Highgate cemetery and are buried together at Stubby Down cemetery outside Peoria as per their final lovers compact wishes.