Jewish Defence League And Robert Spencer To Confront Al Quds Day at Queens Park

Saturday, July 2 at 1:00 PM in EDT

The Al Quds Day Event will start at Queens Park North side of the Park a 1:00 pm, with full Police support. And the JDL will confront this anti Jewish hate and incitement at the same location. We will also follow these Jew haters to the US Consulate at 360 University Avenue.

Now for the bad news… I am working all weekend.

I will miss Al Quds day this year, the first time since I don’t know when.

I’ll miss the Pride parade too!

It’s a shame, but I have no choice.

Black Mamba, Osumashi, Denyse, DB Cooper, Frau and NightMouse will keep it all going for us.

Please thank them for their fine effort.

  • V10_Rob

    I wish them luck. Make sure plenty of filmers are on hand, ideally those with steady hands and actual video cameras (avoid shaky cellphone vids). Even better if they can do it discretely.

    Make no mistake, YOU will be marked as the bad guys by the powers that be. Even if the Palestinian side is rioting and pillaging while you stand in silent dignity, the police will be instructed to bring their full weight to bear on YOU for ‘instigating a confrontation’ and charge you with petty crimes like obstructing a road (despite you being on the sidewalk, with plenty of room for pedestrians to pass, too).

    Read up on the left’s own professional protest advice so as to know the full extent of your rights, and how to make the police’s job as difficult and embarrassing as possible without crossing the line. Be prepared for typical dirty tactics like trying to confiscate recording devices (live stream/upload data to thwart deletion or destruction of the device) and holding people incommunicado (have legal representation lined up and an offsite contact who you check into frequently to confirm you’ve not been dropped into a hole for a day or 2).

    • Gary

      The women are pumping out little terrorists for the future to slaughter us and impose sharia to sanction pedophilia so Zafar Bangash can finally have sex with a human.

      The gutless Police refuse to enforce the laws to arrest those promoting a Terrorist org. The $90,000.00 a year makes the Cop loyal to their pay cheques and not Canada. Wynne own the OPP after her 8.3% raise she gave them .

  • Shebel

    Nothing to be concerned about.
    Everybody knows that Muslims are Peaceful.

  • Hard Little Machine

    All Hezbollah supporters should be incinerated in the street where they stand.

  • I will be there, though I will have to combine that with the Dyke March taking place at the same time. Earlier tonight I attended the tranny parade in Toronto. It was led by the racists from Black Lives Matter. Below you can see a few pictures (more pictures and a video are coming tomorrow). The only leading politician there was Andrea Horvath from the provincial NDP. On Sunday, the same racists will be leading the main parade, but the Conservatives will march in it under the leadership of Patrick Brown. The conservative movement in Ontario, as we know it, is probably finished.