De Gaulle tells you about Brexit

From Michael Barone at Townhall

Each nationalism is different, drawing on countries’ histories, traditions, mores. In vetoing Britain’s application to the Common Market in 1963, Charles de Gaulle (who had lived in England and spoke English) said that Britain had “in all her doings very marked and very original habits and traditions.” England with its common law allowed what was not regulated; Continental Europe with its Napoleonic Code allowed nothing until it was regulated. They always were a bad fit.

Nationalism sits ill with transnational elites confident that the “arc of history,” as Barack Obama says, bends toward greater submergence of national identities to international control: Centralizing power in the hands of well-educated liberal-minded experts is the wave of the future.

But this is a 20th-century, and increasingly obsolete, view. In the industrial age, with its massive factories and masses of workers, centralization seemed inevitable and beneficial. In the information age, when your small phone contains more information than a Carnegie library and performs more functions than a Cold War UNIVAC, centralization blocks creative innovation and adaptive flexibility.More.

Reality check: Die, Euromonster, die. If Britain had wanted to be run by Germany, she would have surrendered in both World Wars, instead of defeating Germany.

Oh wait, that’s too deep for a Eurocrat.

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  • Screw em.

  • ed

    he also added the british are an insular race ,bound by no land borders ,they have always had the sea ,they nave never been , and never will be ” continental “

  • Alain

    Note the perfect description of English Common Law, and you will understand why leftist judges/courts hate it so much and do everything possible to eliminate it. Canada is a prime example, since our judiciary system was based on English Common Law until Trudeau Sr. came along.

  • simus1

    De Gaulle was a treacherous snake and a poor salesman full of brilliant ideas for prewar French military strategy modernization.
    So his natural area of expertise was destined to be at the highest levels of French politics.

  • Drunk_by_Noon

    It was the English (specifically Churchill) that over inflated DeGaulle wartime reputation because they needed a non-communist (and non-collaborating) war hero, but couldn’t find one, so they made one.

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