Canadian Government Demands Syrian Migrant Adult Men Be Placed in High Schools Despite Documented Threats, Sharia

An aggressive campaign to resettle 1,500 Syrian refugees in New Brunswick, Canada has led to numerous reports of adult migrant men sexually harassing and threatening their new high school classmates.

  • ontario john

    And of course the little mental midget had Syrian muslim refugees sitting with him during the Canada Day celebrations today. Because nothing says Canada Day more than women with bags over their heads.

    • Rosenmops

      Sickening. Glad I didn’t see that.

      • Alain

        Me too.

    • Alain

      I don’t do Canada Day, but I do celebrate Dominion Day. I am unwilling to cede an inch on this crap, oh sorry should have said a centimetre. This brain-dead man-child is an absolute disgrace. Sorry but just so fed up with this crap.

    • Well, it’s not like Canada is his favourite country or anything.

  • Blacksmith

    And when the first rape occurs it will be swept under the rug.

    • Gary

      Same for when a Teacher is beheaded in the class room or raped.

      Liberalism is a mental disorder from birth , that’s why Bob Rae’s mental disorder finally drove him to become a Liberal and then deny any responsibility for what he did to Ontario and blamed it on David Petersen’s Liberals .

    • Alain

      The first and a few more have already happened.

  • bargogx1

    This just confirms what I thought from the beginning, which is that the “plan” for bringing all these refugees to Canada wasn’t really a plan, just a sort of vague hope that it would somehow sort of work itself out. This is the kind of “leadership” that we have now.

    • Clinton

      I think a good deal of the government’s bad decision-making is
      just indifference over what will inevitably happen to the peasants
      in flyover country. The leaders’ kids won’t be the ones in the same
      schools as these ‘refugees’, so they don’t see the problem.

      Another reason this government is pushing a decision that is so
      clearly going to end badly is because they want it to end badly.
      If they can get the general population scared and divided, they can
      push their otherwise unpopular agenda forward. Increased censor-
      ship and prosecution for ‘hate speech’, increased government
      surveillance in the name of public safety, increased activity against
      so-called “right-wing extremists”– all those things are a lot easier
      to bring about when the people are scared into accepting it. If
      the government has to import a hostile islamist underclass to
      bring that about, it looks like they’re willing to do it.

      • Rosenmops

        “right-wing extremists” = anyone who doesn’t want their daughters raped by Muzlums.

      • V10_Rob

        Or it could end up uniting people, as it has with Trump and Brexit.

        If there is a deliberate malevolent plot, they may have been a bit too clever for their own good.

    • Alain

      Perhaps for some, but I disagree that there was no plan. The plan is the balkanisation of Canada to ensure the subjugation of real Canadians and therefore make themselves unremovable from power.

    • Waffle

      Marshall McLuhan said something like this: We go hurtling into the future looking into a rear-view mirror. That is what is going on at present with our current ‘leadership’.

      A propogandized generation of mostly millennials voted for the son on the basis of believing the hagiographical myths that have been spread about the father. They were bolstered by a couple of older generations, who, despite the damning evidence, still beieve.

      For some undefinable reason, I never trusted PET — never voted for him, worked for the opposition in several elections to try to unseat him.

      The “Liberals” — I find it very difficult to use that term because they are anything but. PET basically usurped the party and tuned it into a socialist party (PET was an unapologetic communist) with a strong tendency towards despotism.

      He used the Jews — many of whom still think he walked on water. While there had been institutional antisemitism prior to WWII that limited the number of Jews that could be hired in places like the civil service, Bell Telephone, the banks, the war changed all that. Regiments like the Irish and the Scots needed a certain number in their ranks to be able to do overseas service. Jewish boys from coast to coast were anxious to go and fight HItler. The Irish and the Scottish regiments made gladly took them in as honorary Scots and Irishment. For a lot of men, it was their first encounter with Jews. Friendships continued after the war. So in the postwar years, it didn’t seem quite fair to maintain the old restrictions and things started to improve organically.

      Along comes PET who makes a big show out of legislating against the discrimination and doubles down with Affirmative Action. He opened the flood gates to non-traditional immigrants to dilute the influence of Quebec.

      Justin does not have the intelligence or the self-discipline of his father. He grew up as a son of privilege, care-free enough to indulge his every whim. His resume shows that he tried several areas of study before finally throwing in the towel and using his contacts and name to get a “real” job and living of the benefits of his trust fund.

      Meanwhile, back at the ranch, some good old boys from the father’s vintage never gave up the hope of getting back into the diriver’s seat and they planned and plotted to create a “second coming”.

      First of all, they had some housecleaning to do. Like rehabilitating the tainted image of the mother, who was affectionately known in some circles as “Mattress Maggie”. Her new book, Changing my Mind (2010) was an apologia for her slutty behaviour by blaming it all on the ‘demon weed’. It was greeted with fawning acclaim in the MSM,

      Justin had been elected in 2008. He was being groomed by the party that moved him through a series of “critic” jobs, most involving young people. Great way to increase his exposure to that demographic who couldn’t help but be impressed with his good looks, gorgeous hair and dreamy eyes. Who needs brains when you’ve got sex appeal in spades??? Besides, you can always farm-out the thinking. I mean, why get your hands dirty?

      Justin, is more than happy to be “king”. A lot of people are working behind the scenes — we’ve been concentrating on Omar and Gerry, who provide a lot of the talking points, but then there is the old guard — Goodale, McCallum and now McLennan is being brought back in (head of the marijuana task force) who still have the fund-raising power. That’s always important even through George Soros is more than likely financing the whole thing — i.e. the destruction of Canada.

      Wake up sheeples!!! Do you really think that anything will be left in 31/2 years??? Look what’s happened in 6 months!!!

      • JPfromtheeast

        If PM Sunny Ways forces an electoral system on us that all but assures he wins for all time, I will move to the US if they are still there. It will take time and effort but I am not kidding. The second that spoiled brat of a commie usurps our freedoms, I am out.

  • andycanuck

    It’s probably already been linked at BCF but here’s a reiteration of Faith Goldy’s work on this from The Rebel:

  • Faith Goldy has done a superlative job here.