Brexit voters are not thick, not racist: just poor

By forcing Britain to quit the EU they have given a bloody nose to an elite that views them with contempt

It was like a second peasants’ revolt, though no pitchforks this time. The statistics are extraordinary. The well-to-do voted Remain, the down-at-heel demanded to Leave. The Brexiteer/Remainer divide splits almost perfectly, and beautifully, along class lines. Of local authorities that have a high number of manufacturing jobs, a whopping 86 per cent voted Leave. Of those bits of Britain with low manufacturing, only 42 per cent did so. Of local authorities with average house prices of less than £282,000, 79 per cent voted Leave; where house prices are above that figure, just 28 per cent did so. Of the 240 local authorities that have low education levels — i.e. more than a quarter of adults do not have five A to Cs at GCSE — 83 per cent voted Leave. Then there’s pay, the basic gauge of one’s place in the pecking order: 77 per cent of local authorities in which lots of people earn a low wage (of less than £23,000) voted Leave, compared with only 35 per cent of areas with decent pay packets.

  • tom_billesley

    A correction:
    …that have once had a high number of manufacturing jobs

  • ED

    .if you want pure hatred ask any Sikh/hindu in the uk what they think of muslims ! [ 2015-6 prison population report buddists 11, jews 132, Sikh/hindu 874 , muslims 15,133 ! yes 15 thousand ,you don`t have to be educated to do those simple junior school maths [ ed brexit ]

  • canminuteman

    I am sick and tires of this whole racist thing. In some ways I am racist and in some ways I am not. I prejudge the intellect of black people because Africa, by the same token I know some very smart well educated talented black people, in fact I am related to them. I prejudge the intentions of muslims because the Quran and history. I have nothing against people from other races and cultures, I just don’t want to live in a country where I am a minority. I don’t want to live in a country where we have to hide our own culture not to offend others. I know enough about human nature and human history to know it will end very badly if we just open our borders and let everyone who wants to move here, do so.