When Islamists and Secularists Agree

Many commentators tried to implicate Christians in the aftermath of the mass shooting in Orlando. But might it not be true that Western secularists have more in common with Isis than Christians?

The two realities of Islamic extremism and Western consumerism are like shadowy doppelgangers showing up each other’s bankruptcy.


  • simus1

    When you are marxist scum and you facilitate the import and protection of assorted muslim criminals and killers, there is blood on your hands.

    • That describes our bureaucracy class;)

      • Alain

        And our all our career politicians.

  • Gary

    Premier Wynne made the Orlando Vigil about jew-hatred and islamophobia. She shared the stage with a well-know gay muslim that supports the ” Queer’s for Palestine” during the 5 years they marched in PRIDE while City Hall’s leftist jew-haters approved giving it close to $100,000.00 .
    Hamas uses the same quran as ISIS plus almost every muslim in Canada , such as the Khadr’s had and Imam Steve Rockwell that had endorsed ISIS in 2014 .

    There’s a noose with Wynne’s name on it but her shared Jew-hatred with the islamofascists has sucked out most of her brain where she can’t see how she just volunteered to be killed once she is no longer needed as a useful-idiot by the islamists.

  • Two sides of the same coin.

  • bargogx1

    Well, we do know that Islamists and Feminists agree on a lot of things