Stonewalling Muslim Homophobia

At the recent New York City LGBT Pride parade, marchers carried a rainbow flag imprinted with black letters, “Republican Hate Kills!” That same day, Islamist Turkey dispersed an attempt at a gay pride parade in Istanbul with tear gas and rubber bullets. Turkish cops in gas masks wearing black converged on a few hundred protesters, seized their rainbow flags and detained a number of prominent figures.

The week before that, a Trans Pride parade in Istanbul had been shut down the same way. Last year, the gay pride parade had been stopped with tear gas and water cannons.

  • Maurice Miner

    Not your fault at all, as the OP Frontpage.mag article used the word “cannons”.

    By the Queen’s English, “cannon” is both the singular and the plural.

    Jus’ sayin’

  • Mannie

    The irony is that the LGBTQWERTY community is almost uniformly liberal. They support the people who are stoning them, throwing them from buildings, and hanging them. They have ceded any influence with the political Right, as no matter what the Right does, they will not get any meaningful Gay support. That means that just or unjust, there is absolutely no upside to supporting Gay issues. There is a small upside from the Christian Right, to pissing on them.

    Meanwhile, although we disagree on some major issues, we are probably their best friends. We are the people who would die to protect them.

    • Gary

      Even Barbara Hall allowed a jew-hating homophobic mosque in the Valley Park public school because of her hatred for Canada and Christians being so strong that she would enable the slaughter of gays just to rub the mosque in the face of the Church.

      These are sick people but know how to play the brain dead liberals to get inside jobs dealing with human rights and equality.