Muslim hacker defaces scores of escort websites in the name of Allah

A religiously-motivated hacker using the title ‘ElSurveillance’ has defaced nearly 40 websites that offer escort services and claims to be on the verge of leaking data on 100,000 registered users.

As part of a campaign that started in mid-2015, dubbed #EscortsOffline, the hacker has recently ramped up activity throughout the month of June by attacking and defacing at least 37 websites in total.

Ever since the campaign launched, the hacker has replaced the homepage of the targeted websites with a religious message from the Qur’an. In a December 2015 interview with,

ElSurveillance stressed his focus on spreading his beliefs – however there is no way to tell if this is a legitimate stance or simply a persona adopted by the hacker.

  • G

    Who cares? It’s hilarious.
    A bunch of sleazes & part time whores too lazy to get real jobs have their website hacked.

  • Alain

    I think they are well matched and well deserve each other. By the way how many of those “escort services” were homosexual? That just increases the value.

  • moraywatson

    Meanwhile, i’ continues to burn up the muslim internet.