Life at Facebook exposed!

Facebook has long been accused of being a sexist workplace and letting founder Mark Zuckerberg rule with an iron fist in a velvet perk-filled glove.

But as far as one ex-employee is concerned, the glove is now definitely off.

Antonia Garcia Martinez, a former Facebook advertising manager who was fired two years ago, claims that working at the social network was like being in a cult akin to North Korea with Zuckerberg its unquestioned leader.

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  • WalterBannon

    Adolph Zuckerberg

  • Hard Little Machine

    (Former Management Consultant Here). I assume any company run by youngsters reflects the maturity or lack thereof of the youngsters. Companies run by the founders are often hell holes of pressure and hatred because founders are driven micromanaging control freak assholes. That’s what makes them successful founders. Combine those two things and you have a company that can only thrive in spite of itself. It can only be successful because it’s on a ballistic trajectory upwards. The moment the company matures and can’t match it’s old compound growth goals it implodes. This happens because of the culture and the institutionalized horrendously bad management and HR. A company that expects 140 hr weeks will sooner or later fail because 1) obviously everyone will burn out 2) everyone will quit and 3) everyone will literally tear each other’s heads off. I mean literally as in try to injure, assault or even kill each other.

    Of course facebook is a shithouse. It’s run by people who have convinced themselves they are better than human, that they are in fact superhuman. Of course Mark’s direct reports are insane. He would only hire insane people. Alpha women like Sandberg are of a type. They traded skills and competence for ruthlessness a long time ago. You really do only want to tell these people what they want to hear. Because if you tell them the truth they see it as a personal attack on the core of their being. They are never wrong, they are never failing to meet their own goals. It’s everyone else who needs to be put down like dogs.

    When an orientation manager screams “We’re not fucking around !” the first thing you need to do is tell them “Yeah, you kind of are” and then be prepared to leave. Because let me tell you, there’s pressure and there’s pressure. Bad bosses create it because they want you to fail. Good bosses try to help you succeed.

    • Brenda

      I hope they implode soon, because I’ve been locked out of my account for ages after trying to delete my profile, and haven’t been able to get any response from anyone at Facebook. Only total collapse can help me now.

  • xavier

    The Daily Mail made a slight mistake it’ Antonio (a guy not a gal)