How The Donald Got His Groove Back: Trump Spikes in Polls as World Elites Panic Amid Hillary Clinton Struggles

Presumptive GOP nominee Donald Trump is just getting started. Or so he has said to worried GOP leaders who fear his rival, presumptive Democratic nominee former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton, is getting the upper hand too early — an edge he might not been able to regain later in the general election contest.

  • ghost of benghazi

    Peaked to early. This is why they lose. He is now going to do to Hillary what he did to 16 Republicans in the primaries. He is going to crush her. What they are really saying is he peaked to early and got out in front of Clinton before the Convention making it harder for them to screw him. The Rasmussen poll just out, has him winning the Hispanic vote. It that is true or even almost true then this election has taken on a life of its own and there is nothing the GOP can do to save it for Hillary.