Game of States

“Personally, it’s interesting to finally see become widely admitted what I’ve been pointing out for the entire 21st century: that the contemporary globalist ordering of the world (in comparison with the postwar nationalist structure) is very good for the people at the top, and perhaps for those at the bottom (although they are more used as virtue-signaling totems by the ruling class), while it exploits those in the middle. This predation is then rationalized by arguing that the victims, the typical citizens, deserve their fate because they are evil.”

‘Merkel’s open door policy caused Britain to leave EU’: German leader is blamed for Brexit over her failure to deal with migrant crisis and open arms immigration policy

  • k2

    Yes, the elites “hate us, they REALLY hate us!”. But so what? “We hate them, we REALLY hate them!” right back. Balance and reciprocity.

  • ed

    it helped ! but the anglo saxon and celtic DNA is in the indigenous people of these islands , the ancient kings and queens ,the ancient tribes , they are our history ,we did not let them down seven days ago ,

  • mauser 98

    where is the Royal Navy when all these ISIS invaders cross the channel illegally?

    • infedel

      Hearty laugh at that one…well done.