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ann coulterAnn Coulter: “Trump’s Popularity Can’t Be Measured By Traditional Polls”

“[Anger over immigration and amnesty] is what the Trump candidacy is about, it is quite parallel to what’s happening with Brexit: The people speak, and both political parties, I’m sorry to say my own political party… Until Trump, both political parties have been aligned against us to do the bidding of Wall Street. To protect the corporations, to bring in cheap labor. They’re getting massively rich, living with a level of degeneracy not seen since the Czar’s court, and meanwhile Americans out in America haven’t seen their wages or salaries go up for years.”

“I don’t know as much about why the polls were so wrong on Brexit –and they were, even the betting polls… But I’m quite sure that… I do discount the polls. For one thing, pollsters have to ask: Did you vote in the last election, did you vote in the election before that. A pollster can’t say that someone who didn’t vote for twenty years is going to vote this time. You just can’t do that if you’re a pollster. We know Trump is bringing our people who haven’t voted for 20 years.”

“So I do think there is good reason to believe the polls will not capture the fervor for Donald Trump.”

canada flagToronto Star Demonizes Israel with False Moral Equivalence

The article, by reporters William Booth and Ruth Eglash, described the brutal terror attack where Israeli mother of six children, Dafna Meir – wife to Natan, was stabbed to death by a 15-year-old Palestinian teenage terrorist named Mourad Adais in her home in Otniel in the west bank.

This “news” article goes to great lengths to excuse this act of Palestinian terror and the result leaves the reader incapable of distinguishing the victims and the perpetrators. In the end, the victim (Israel and Israelis) are implicitly blamed for imprisoning a teenager (Adais the terrorist), for “collective punishment”, the “frustration and humiliation of checkpoints, land seizures, raids, military tribunals…” and the building of “illegal” Jewish settlements.

tranny-beardHigh School Girls Angry After Boy Is Crowned Prom Queen

Teenage girls at one New York high school are upset after an 18-year-old boy who identifies as “nonbinary” — neither male nor female — was crowned prom queen earlier this month.

After Matthew Crisson was named prom queen of Manhattan’s La Guardia High School, some of his female classmates took to social media to complain about the fact that both the prom king and queen were boys. “It just sucks that men win everything and we thought we at least deserve that,” one girl said.

faked hate attackGay YouTube star, 26, ‘faked hate crime attack after being arrested for vandalizing cars by beating himself with a phone receiver inside jail cell’

Calum McSwiggan, 26, who is from London, but was visiting the US, claimed on his social media accounts on Monday that he had been ‘beaten up by three guys’ outside a popular West Hollywood gay club and that authorities would not help him, treating him like a ‘like a second class citizen.’

The attack left him hospitalized with ‘three broken teeth and six stitches in my forehead,’ which he showcased in a photo posted to Facebook and Instagram.

Soon after however the LA County Sheriffs Department released a statement disputing these claims, saying that they were unable to substantiate McSwiggan’s allegations and had actually arrested him for vandalizing a car.

diesel dyke‘Gay is wrong!’: IHOP waitress was left hateful note instead of a tip on a $36 check written by a father eating with his children

A waitress at an IHOP restaurant in Oklahoma says she was denied a tip and left a hateful because she is a lesbian.

Taylor Stewart said she was serving a man dining with three children on Monday night at the IHOP in Enid when she ‘messed up’ something with the order.

‘I fixed that. No problem, and he was just kind of being rude to me the whole time. I told him I was sorry about the service,’ Stewart told QFox13 News.

However, after the customer left, Stewart realized he not only didn’t leave a gratuity, but a hateful note that said: ‘Gay is wrong!’

I smell a hoax. That isn’t a man’s handwriting on the receipt.

gun free zoneWant a Gun-Free Zone? Tennessee Says That’s on You: Literally

Heading into law this Friday is Tennessee’s Senate Bill 1736, which will put into action something gun owners have been encouraging for years.

As of July 1, if a handgun carry permit holder in Tennessee is injured, suffers bodily injury or death, incurs economic loss or expense, property damage or any other compensable loss on a property posted as a gun-free zone, they can sue the person or entity who stripped them of their right to self defense.

Venezuela_Crisis-131466866025Venezuelans are storming supermarkets and attacking trucks as food supplies dwindle

The fight for food has begun in Venezuela. On any day, in cities across this increasingly desperate nation, crowds form to sack supermarkets. Protesters take to the streets to decry the skyrocketing prices and dwindling supplies of basic goods. The wealthy improvise, some shopping online for food that arrives from Miami. Middle-class families make do with less: coffee without milk, sardines instead of beef, two daily meals instead of three. The poor are stripping mangoes off the trees and struggling to survive.

“This is savagery,” said Pedro Zaraza, a car oil salesman, who watched a mob mass on Friday outside a supermarket, where it was eventually dispersed by the army. “The authorities are losing their grip.”

BrowniesSchool Calls Cops, Cops Call Child Services on Boy Who Made Harmless ‘Brownies’ Remark

It isn’t cleared what he actually said—the school, William P. Tatem Elementary, has not returned my request for comment. But a local news story suggests that he did not use the word “brownies” to refer to persons of color. He was actually referring to the chocolate baked good, according to his parents. Given that he made the statement during a class party—it was the last day of school—this explanation makes sense.

In either case, the school had absolutely no reason to involve the police. Administrators should be perfectly capable of dealing with this sort of thing on their own. His teacher, or principal, could have asked the boy and his accuser about the incident and rendered some verdict. They could have punished him, if punishment was called for.

Instead, a young boy was interrogated by an officer about a harmless comment he made while in school.

Yvette_FelarcaLeftist Agitator Filmed Attacking Right-Wing Protester in CA is Middle School Teacher

Leftist agitator Yvette Felarca — who was seen all over TV advocating for the use of violence to shut down free speech during protests Sunday in Sacramento — was caught initiating violence against a peaceful protester.

Video from the rally shows Felarca repeatedly punch a young male protester while screaming vulgarities and ordering the man to “get the f*ck off our streets.”

catherine geeTelegraph Journo Asks Readers To Consider Killing Farage, ‘Like Hitler’

“You know that time travel conundrum: would you kill baby Hitler? Same but Nigel Farage”, wrote Catherine Gee, who claims to have been “writing about culture for the Telegraph since 2007”, and has also written for the Guardian, Western Mail and Clash.

“Sell him to an African family as a baby. That would be beautiful”, she added minutes later.

sharia will dominate the worldStop Importing Jihadists: Sharia Supremacists Have No Right to Enter the U.S.

The Center for Security Policy just released a white paper detailing how to do that entitled “Stop Importing Jihadists: Making Sharia-Supremacism a Bar to Immigration and Naturalization.” It explains how existing laws can be used to stop allowing Muslims from coming to this country who do not share our American values. This does not mean all Muslims, but it is a significant number who believe the totalitarian Islamist code called Sharia should be placed above the U.S. Constitution.

U.S. citizens have rights. But clearly, there are no rights for non-citizens to visit or migrate to the United States. It is a privilege. We need to make sure that anyone coming here doesn’t believe their mission is to bring with them an antiquated and barbaric system to impose on us. We have the authority under current law to stop members of totalitarian ideologies from infiltrating and working to subvert our free system.

palestinian children‘The Holocaust Is Justified’: What Syrian Refugees Learn in School

Not a single word in favor of the Jews is to be found in the Syrian textbooks. The Jews are denied the characteristics of a nation, they are detached from their ancestors and from the land of Palestine, and their religion is racist. They are portrayed as enemies of the Arabs since antiquity, of Islam since its inception, of all mankind, of the prophets and of God himself. The hatred of the nations of the world towards them is justified. The Holocaust is justified… [and] its magnitude is exaggerated by the Jews. There is one passage in the textbooks that calls for their elimination.

breaking news bbcAfghan suicide bomber ‘kills up to 40’

Suicide bomber attacks Afghan military convoy outside capital Kabul, killing as many as 40 police, officials say