CCTV Images Of Istanbul Bombers Released

CCTV images have emerged of two of the men believed to have carried out Tuesday’s bombings at Ataturk airport in Istanbul which killed 42 people.

One attacker detonated his explosives downstairs at the arrivals terminal, while another went upstairs and blew himself up in the departure hall.

The third waited outside for the fleeing crowd before setting off the final bomb, Turkish officials said.

The director of the CIA has said the attack “bears all the hallmarks” of Islamic State (IS).

istanbul airport policeIstanbul police conduct raids on Islamic State suspects

major isis attacksTurkish media says 13 people detained in connection to deadly Istanbul airport attack

Anadolu Agency, Turkey’s state-run news agency, police conducted simultaneous raids at 16 locations in Istanbul, following Tuesday attack at Ataturk Airport that killed 42 people and wounded more than 230 others.