‘There was blood and body parts everywhere’: Terrifying moment ISIS suicide bomber blew himself up in Istanbul airport terminal

DM GRAB - Ataturk Airport International Terminal terrorists images appeared on the departures floor. Images of the Russian national airline Aeroflot experienced moments of horror in front of the bank where the check-in office and this was reflected in the cameras. (Haberturk News Centre)

Witnesses have described the terrifying moment three suicide bombers launched a co-ordinated attack on Istanbul airport that has left up to 50 dead saying there was blood and body parts everywhere.

Shocking footage has shown an explosion at the door to the arrivals hall by a suicide bomber before another two attackers snuck into the building and dentonated their devices.

The ‘vast majority’ of victims in the attack were Turkish nationals but foreigners were also among the casualties, an official has said. A total of 36 people have already been confirmed dead, but

Turkish officials said that number is expected to rise to 50.

  • When’s Obama going to deny the truth again?

  • Editor

    And Trudeau and his virtue signaling cabinet wants to bring 50,000 of these primitive fanatics to Canada. Who, in their right mind , voted for this guy?

    “Diversity is our death”

    • ontario john

      Feminist Trudeau is busy today wining and dining at our expense, Obama and the Mexican president. And the most important thing they have found to discuss are global warming scams, to bilk more money out of the peasants. Princess Anne is in Nfld. today to be part of ceremonies regarding the battle of the Somme. Perhaps Trudeau can give it a passing thought between dinner and wine toasts.

    • Linda1000

      All the so-called SJW beta warrior men who march with the feminazis in Canada. Think Trudope and Wynne fans.

  • ed

    tourism to turkey this year . Israelis down 99% , Russians down 96% , western Europe down 69% cheap vacation anyone ?just pack your own body bag

  • ontario john

    Don’t you realize that the Toronto Star has ordered everyone to use the word Daesh, so as not to associate terrorism with the religion of peace?

  • Linda1000

    I’m surprised that the terrorists managed to pull this attack off as most ME airports have heavy security out of necessity to ward of their very own batshit crazies. Turkey would be similar for security I would think. I wonder what Erdogan did lately to piss off the Islamic State?

    • xavier

      Reconcilate with Israel which must have affronted the Saudi and Gulf moneymen as well as some secret behind the scenes pressure by NATO countries detailing Erogdan’s past aiding and abetting of IS. So he probably cracked down on the more brazen recruitment and money trails.

    • Editor

      Bat-shit crazy doesn’t need a reason. It just kills.

    • UCSPanther

      Jihad is not known to be grateful towards those who aid and abet it. Benazir Bhutto continued Mohammed Zia Ul-Haq’s work in organizing the Taliban after his death, and they paid her back by assassinating her…

      • Linda1000

        I couldn’t believe it when she decided to return to Pakistan and run for election again. She decided to be a martyr? She of all people knew what her country was like and the risk of her return.

  • Editor

    Oh, and by the way, preemptive strike here; there will not be any “islamophobic backlash”. Never has, never will, not until the west finds its balls. So f*ck CAiR, f*ck the lefty moral relativists, f*ck muslim apologists, f*ck pathological altruists, f*ck community cohesion.

    Diversity is our death!

    • Justin St.Denis

      How could you possibly forget to include “fuck diversity”? 😉

      • Editor

        I have in my closing comment. I think that may become my permanent tag line.

  • The Butterfly

    I blame the Second Amendment.

  • Hard Little Machine

    It’s Raining Men

  • Justin St.Denis

    But don’t the Turks just love islamism?!? Certainly, Recep Erdogan does, and he runs the place. Surely, they are handing out sweets in the streets of Istanbul as I type these words………

  • GrimmCreeper

    Just another glorious day in the world of Islam. It’s what they do.