Open borders for thee, not me: Zuckerberg builds ‘oppressive, immense’ wall around home

Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg, who has criticized Donald Trumps’s proposed wall, has angered local residents after building a wall of his own surrounding his property on the Hawaiian island of Kauai, according to the Daily Mail.

In 2014, Zuckerberg purchased the 750 acre Kahu’aina Plantation on the north shore of Kauai for $100 million in 2014. The Facebook CEO later bought two more properties surrounding his plantation. Recently, Zuckerberg began constructing a wall around his property that is six feet tall to provide privacy. By constructing a large wall surrounding his property, Zuckerberg has irritated local residents by cutting off the view of the Pacific Ocean.

  • mauser 98

    same as GOP Paul Ryan …voted for amnesty funding then built a wall around his house

  • xavier

    Ya know this seems to gel with what a German philospher Peter Solderdijk in his book The World of Interior Capital opines that comtemporary global capitalism is also a greenhouse. People seek protection from the ‘elements’

    Zuckrrberg sure wants to have his greenhouse while the plebs leave outside facing the consequences of his and buddies’ self indulgent virtue signalling

    • Clausewitz

      Maybe the “Purge” series of movies isn’t such a bad idea.