Obama Speaks in the House of Commons

Oh, for the love of crumb-cake:

U.S. President Barack Obama gave what many observers instantly deemed to be one of his most powerful speeches to the Parliament of Canada today – but between all the praise, he also worked in a point about Canadian defence spending.

Pivoting quickly from a press conference at the North American Leaders’ Summit alongside Prime Minister Justin Trudeau and Mexican President Enrique Peña Nieto, Obama’s long, snaking motorcade headed to Parliament Hill to address a joint session of the House of Commons and the Senate.

Obama’s speech – the first such address by a U.S. president since Bill Clinton in 1995 – began lightly with references to Canadiana before shifting into a passionate defence of liberal internationalism. Along the way he touched on environmental issues, poverty, terrorism and extremism. By the time it was over, he had more than captured the imagination of those in attendance.

They showered him with applause, cries of support and even chants of “four more years!”

“We could not ask for a better friend or ally than Canada,” said Obama to thunderous applause. “We do not take it for granted.”

(Sidebar: Barry didn’t say that when Harper was running things.)


Why in the name of almighty Worf hasn’t this @$$hole (and his Canadian hand-puppet counterpart) been kicked out of office?

  • This calls for projectile vomiting.

  • Shebel

    You must admit that Obama – Owned the stage .
    Justin looked like a parroting fool .
    And just how short is that little Mex?

    • Two narcissists duking it out?

      Did I miss the b!#ch-slapping?

    • Alain

      Perhaps Justin’s lisp got in the way or his handlers had not yet told him what to do and what to say.

  • Daviddowntown

    Was rona on her knees?

    • Alain


  • Alain

    Pretty much the same puppeteers pulling the puppets, Obama & Trudeau’ strings. I am offended that this POS was allowed into my country, but then I am really offended that due to a soft coup we ended up with the same band of corrupt thieves in power.

  • Dave

    Trudope, the awe struck man-child.
    “But he’s got nice hair and he’s gonna legalize pot”
    Retarded voters got their retarded leader.

    • dance…dancetotheradio

      He’s never going to legalize pot.
      Have to break three United Nations treaties to do it.
      Got into it with my socialist buddy at work last week.
      He said let’s argue about pot.
      Didn’t go anywhere.
      All he wanted to argue about was the quality of the product and how bringing it above ground would improve it.
      I said the ship sailed long ago, I said, this isn’t about putting cheese and hot dog bites into pizza crust.
      The black market, the free market is the most efficient way of supplying that drug.
      And no government can compete with it.

      • canminuteman

        I don’t know if he will legalize it or not, but I do agree that the government will never compete with the black market as the supplier. One of the main reasons that governments wan’t to lelalize it is because they think they will make a ton of money. When the government gets their hands on it they won’t make a dime.

  • Linda1000

    “Four more years” … are you serious? And we voted for these ….. what do you call them sitting in parliament in Ottawa? It’s just backwards creepy.

  • WalterBannon

    where is the asteroid when it is really needed

  • jack burns

    Did he do his armpit farts thing? That kills me.

  • ghost of benghazi

    Trudeau invites BO and the president of Mexico to dump all over Trump in Canada. So what does Canada do if Trump wins? The vote in Britain has them rattled. You have the three dickweeds up here dumping on Trump then you have Mitch don’t call me turtle say what has to be the stupidest thing ever. Hillary is intelligent this is gaslighting with a solar flair from the sun.

    • Clausewitz

      Hillary is intelligent? This is gaslighting with a solar flair from the sun.
      Fixed that last line for ya.

    • GrimmCreeper

      What does Canada do? Celebrate! And maybe y’all will dump Trudeau next.

  • BillyHW

    Because women are allowed to vote, Osumashi.

  • marty_p

    But the POTUS did a shoutout to Burlington ON – whoopee!