Hundreds of Yale professors protest decision to keep Calhoun College name

In the wake of Yale University’s recent decision to keep the name Calhoun College, hundreds of faculty have signed their names to a series of letters that denounce the decision and call for a reversal.

In early May, 396 professors — many from the STEM fields — signed an open letter to university president Peter Salovey urging a reconsideration. In late May, Yale’s Faculty of Arts and Sciences Senate followed suit with a letter of their own that garnered 335 signatures, the Yale Daily News reports.

“Many faculty here are putting thankless and unrecognized hours, days and weeks of time on improving undergraduate climate and diversity,” Miranker said. “The Calhoun decision seriously undermined those efforts. It was important to me for our students to see that on this issue, at least some of the faculty were not aligned with Yale’s administration.”

For Miranker, writing and disseminating the letter was also an effort to push back against the misconception that STEM faculty “were generally deaf to the effects of disenfranchisement on our educational mission.”