‘Elites’ Called To Arms: “It’s Time To Rise Up Against The Ignorant Masses”

It appears the powers that be just are not going to take it anymore. Having mistakenly allowed the people of Britain to exercise their free will, Foreign Policy’s James Traub exclaims, “It’s time for the elites to rise up against the ignorant masses.”

  • ntt1

    what an asshole, marie le pen will win, Trump will win ,assholes liuke him are toast and thats long over due.

  • Brett_McS

    That reminds me. I’ve been meaning to have a word with you people …

  • kkruger71

    Just scanned this article but didn’t see it there. Had someone today point me to a video by an “academic” as to why he thought the government should ignore the leave results and how the referendum process was a sham. For the first part it boiled down to “Those that voted leave are stupid and/or uneducated”, and should not have a vote. What I found funny was his second point was young people were more likely to vote stay, and 16-17 year olds polled around a rate of 80% stay, and that since it’s there country for longer to come, they should have been allowed to vote. So this “academic” couldn’t even see the hypocrisy between his very first two points; the uneducated shouldn’t be able to vote, yet 16-17 (uneducated) kids should, because they on average agree with him. Both of these points I’ve seen raised again and again since the vote.

    • Waffle

      Don’t you just love watching arrogant heads explode? Personally, I’m enjoying the show.

      • Barbara Masson


  • xavier

    It’seems really sickening to read through Traub’s rant against the ordinary people. He really lives in a castle and flies over the country. He raves at people he’said never met and refuses to understand
    He and his kind are protected from the very forces of chaos they’very unleashed.

    What we need is a reality TV show called Undercover 1% Where the 1 percenters spend a month living as a blue collar/ middle class person. Then they see what the 1 percent erst have wrought

  • Martin B

    James Traub should move to North Korea where the ignorant masses are never allowed to exercise their free will.

  • canminuteman

    He thinks he’s smart but he is too stupid to understand why the mindlessly angry are angry. The so called educated are now so poorly educated that the people he considers uneducated are actually a lot smarter than he is.

  • Justin St.Denis

    There will always be Fartcatchers. Wherever you go, you will encounter fartcatchers. They come in conservative, liberal, atheist, Christian and other varieties. Like spammers, note their names and never respond to them once you have identified them as Fartcatchers.

  • john700

    Beside the ideas, the other common trait between this guy and many of the bolsheviks is the circumcision.