Christian school sparks outrage after it removes a cross from its pupil-designed logo ‘after receiving complaints that it was offensive’

Parents at a Church of England school have been left furious after council bosses removed the Christian cross from the school’s logo.

Oak C of E Primary School opened last month in Huddersfield, West Yorkshire after three pre-existing school merged into one huge institution.

When the school was launched, it boasted a logo with an oak tree whose branches took the shape of the cross, in a nod to its Christian connections.

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  • BillyHW

    “Whoever denies me before men, I also will deny before my Father who is in heaven.”

    If I had to guess, without looking now, I’d say the complainant was a muslim, or a woman offended on behalf of her future muslim rapists. The school principal who caved was a woman, or perhaps an unholy faggot. And the pupil who designed the original logo was a boy, whose masculinity has not yet been completely stripped from him by a litany of female teachers.

    • That top thing you said.

      • Justin St.Denis

        Yup! That top thing cuts to the chase rather efficiently.

  • ontario john

    If its an Anglican school, its a wonder the Cross wasn’t replaced with a homosexual flag.

  • ntt1

    Why would a Muslim complain?while it is true that the Christian cross is a symbol of suffering and martyrdom for Christians ,
    Muslim have adopted cricifiction for unIslamic behaviour in general and apostates in particular so the cross can be a valuable symbol for both groups .

    • Alain

      Why would a non Christian attend a Christian school in the first place, especially is even the symbol of a cross is so offensive? However what is even more disgusting is the constant caving in. Clearly those who cave in do not take their religion (I assume that is what they claim) seriously. On to topic of things offensive, there is nothing more offensive than seeing Muslims in full attire in my country.

      • Muslims and Hindus go to Catholic schools in India because an education lifts them out of poverty.

        One would think gratitude is in order.

        • Alain

          Yes, but they know in advance that it is a Christian school and by going there indicate their acceptance of the fact. I am unaware of any Hindu complaining, it is always Muslims. Claiming to be offended is a supremacist technic to make it clear they are in charge. It is another form of jihad.

          • I’m sure, then, that the Muslims can lift themselves out of poverty. They have had centuries in which to do it.

    • Sadly, a lot of douchebags have used the cross against Christians in the past (ie – Japanese martyrs).


  • AlanUK

    Anyone living outside the UK (and many inside) will be confused by the abbreviation CE VC.
    These are not Christian schools as might be thought of elsewhere. Generally, the religious faith (in this case Church of England CE) makes some Voluntary Contribution (hence VC) to the school – for example by being the owners of the land on which the school is built. In return the faith is able to appoint one quarter of the Board Of Governors and parents could reasonably expect to see Christian principles taking a place in school life.
    However, the (elected) Local Council has a large measure of control. For example, the teaching curriculum is set by the local council (as is the case for state schools). It also appoints and pays the salary of all staff and has a controlling say over the running of the school. Thus, these are not Christian Schools in any normal sense.
    This is acceptable to the C of E but not by the Roman Catholic Church. By being “Voluntary Aided” (VA) the RC church pays more money and ensures lesser control by the Local Council.

  • AlanUK

    The Christian symbol of the empty cross is well established in the UK.
    However, look at the branches in the revised version of the logo.
    To many, this is the opposite of the Cross of Christ.

    Look at the trunk with three branches.

    Now turn it upside down and you have the symbol of the broken cross which can have many meanings, none of them Christian.

    So the logo replaces the symbol of Christ’s victory over sin and death with a pagan symbol. Thanks guys!

  • ontario john

    Here in gay old Ontario, we know how to keep those damn Christians in there place. The CBC is excited that the Ontario Appeals Court has ruled against Trinity Western University. The Law Society of Ontario will not accept graduates from the university as lawyers. I’m sure this will not effect muslim lawyers of course. That would be islamophobic. And is related news, Ontario will issue drivers licenses in any gender you want next year.

    • Justin St.Denis

      I can’t quite remember where I read this (quite recently), but it seems that….”Christianity is the new secondhand smoke.”