Scratch a progressive and find …

a fascist underneath:

Cf US Democratic Party:

A plank calling for criminal prosecution of anyone who dissents from “the scientific reality of climate change” was adopted with unanimous consent. More.

Even in the unlikely event that everything they believe about climate change were true, this attitude will seriously handicap science.

Science never thrives from persecuting dissenters, let alone prosecuting them (think Galileo). Sometimes the facts can only be known in light of a bigger picture we do not have.

Many people think that Galileo was obviously right (that Earth revolves around the sun). No. In reality, the facts in that day were a huge muddle. Many good astronomers supported the opposite view (that the sun and other planets revolve around Earth) because Galileo’s astronomy math was not an improvement over theirs. Only when Kepler straightened out the math much later did the view Galileo sponsored make much more sense.

In the meantime, persecution and prosecution only set science back because it prevented a focus on the actual issue of the day: Neither side’s math worked.

Today, the threats to science are more ominous: They come in the form of attacks on reality-based thinking. For example, there is no evidence that we actually live in a multiverse, so multiverse theorists are pressing ahead with a war on falsifiability, hoping to develop a blue-print for non-evidence-based science.

Their bitch is that, based on evidence, our universe seems to have begun with a single point of spacetime (Big Bang) and looks very fine-tuned.

They want to avoid the awkward implications of the recorded facts by proposing an infinity of dump universes out there that we will never be able to discover … and ours just happens to work … just have faith, baby. And, perhaps at some point down the road, they will fix us good if we don’t accept that explanation.

If the multiverse proponents succeed with such antics (taken seriously at surprisingly high levels), innumerable pressure groups in science will want the same thing: Accept our view as science, without evidence, because it achieves certain progressive policy goals. Persecute/prosecute dissenters.

With progressives in charge, it has, of course, been worse than mere prosecution. Consider the Soviet Union’s genetics fraud Trofim Lysenko: “By 1948, when education and research in standard genetics were virtually outlawed, some geneticists had suffered secret arrest and death of undisclosed causes.”

If this continues, the 21st century could host the death of science in our civilization. PC fanatics and their dullard followers will be parading as scientists. That’s fine with progressives. They do not need success, any more than Stalin did. Just control.

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Copernicus, you are not going to believe who is using your name. Or how.

  • That is insane.

    • I assure you that it is real. I have been on this beat for fifteen years. I have seen it develop. All that is really happening is that progressivism is invading the sciences.

      • dance…dancetotheradio

        Idiots who think they can legislate the laws of the universe.

        • We tend to feel shocked because we think of science a somehow different from social work and politics. Now that progressives rule, it will gradually become an affair of correcting the data to achieve policy goals, vanity, whatever..

          • dance…dancetotheradio

            All the electrical and electronic theory I know is based on ideal models that don’t exist in the real world.
            For instance, an ideal diode conducts only in one direction.
            In reality all diodes have reverse current as well as forward current.
            It’s the relative magnitude of these currents that make diodes useful.
            Climate models are based on ideal models that have variables that they may not even know about yet.
            That and the garbage in garbage out statistical manipulation of the data they feed into these models is highly suspect.
            Considering that even the Environment Canada website can’t forecast a static expectation of the weather for the next few days I have a real problem putting any faith in these climate modellers.

    • Gareth

      It is also not really true. Rather than being able to go after “anyone,” the dems target alleged corporate fraud of oil companies etc for misleading public on climate change. I think this is awful and a little fascistic myself, but, it is very different from threatening to prosecute literally any climate sceptics as the lead quote matters. No need to exaggerate, people, it hurts our cause. There is plenty of material without having to embellish or invent.

      • Gareth

        “Matters” supposed to be “mentions”

      • Minicapt

        You’re a bit of an idealist, believer in the tooth-fairy, aren’t you?


        • Gareth

          Uhh, what? Care to explain? Are you arguing that bullshit is ok as long as it is your kind of bullshit? You think that me saying there is plenty to take the illiberal left to task for without embellishing makes me an idealist, or believer in a tooth fairy? On that note, I’m one of the few around here that doesn’t believe in supernatural beings of any kind. Also, I’m curious, if you are going to respond at all, why just insult and name call instead of contributing an argument? Seriously, why bother. I don’t care what random internet people think of me, I just wonder what prompts you to respond to a good faith comment in such a manner. Cheers back at you.

      • Do you really believe they intend to stop with oil companies? From considerable experience, I would say that pressure groups will soon spring up that persecute science teachers and science writers who permit skepticism. Say what you want about progressives, they are dead serious.

        • V10_Rob

          Oh I don’t doubt that. When was the last time you ever saw a movement declare victory and disband, satisfied with a job well done? The cause simply mutates. There’s always a new boogeyman to fight, even if they have to make one up from scratch.

        • Gareth

          It is beside the point whether they intend to stop there. Inacurate is inaccurate is inaccurate.

        • Gareth

          On the rare occasion I comment here, people rarely address my actual words, why is that? Why do you say “if you believe they…?” I said no such thing. Some, like d Suzuki have already advocated such things, but the story and headline were about the dem platform meeting. What is so hard to understand about my comments? If you disagree with me fine, but actually disagree with what I say and not some version of me you create in your imagination.

  • vimy

    and that is why Mann doesn’t think you need to look at his research anymore. Just look out the window darlings.

    • Norman_In_New_York

      I look out my window every day and here in New York, we haven’t had a real summer heat wave in several years. (90+ degrees F for three or more days in succession.)

  • Alain

    You don’t even need to scratch much or at all, since fascist totalitarianism is breaking right through the surface of the skin.

  • Daviddowntown

    Guess what, the climate has oscillated for eons.

  • simus1

    The most interesting aspect is they don’t really need to crush all dissent to steal the billions under the table easily available to them. It is their need to force all people to mouth their lies back in total unison that brings them temporary satiety.

    • V10_Rob

      Just galling that the left has the nerve to insist that they’re the disciples of scientific evidence and we’re the cultists of superstitious mysticism, when it’s clearly the other way around.