Scratch a progressive and find …

a fascist underneath:

Cf US Democratic Party:

A plank calling for criminal prosecution of anyone who dissents from “the scientific reality of climate change” was adopted with unanimous consent. More.

Even in the unlikely event that everything they believe about climate change were true, this attitude will seriously handicap science.

Science never thrives from persecuting dissenters, let alone prosecuting them (think Galileo). Sometimes the facts can only be known in light of a bigger picture we do not have.

Many people think that Galileo was obviously right (that Earth revolves around the sun). No. In reality, the facts in that day were a huge muddle. Many good astronomers supported the opposite view (that the sun and other planets revolve around Earth) because Galileo’s astronomy math was not an improvement over theirs. Only when Kepler straightened out the math much later did the view Galileo sponsored make much more sense.

In the meantime, persecution and prosecution only set science back because it prevented a focus on the actual issue of the day: Neither side’s math worked.

Today, the threats to science are more ominous: They come in the form of attacks on reality-based thinking. For example, there is no evidence that we actually live in a multiverse, so multiverse theorists are pressing ahead with a war on falsifiability, hoping to develop a blue-print for non-evidence-based science.

Their bitch is that, based on evidence, our universe seems to have begun with a single point of spacetime (Big Bang) and looks very fine-tuned.

They want to avoid the awkward implications of the recorded facts by proposing an infinity of dump universes out there that we will never be able to discover … and ours just happens to work … just have faith, baby. And, perhaps at some point down the road, they will fix us good if we don’t accept that explanation.

If the multiverse proponents succeed with such antics (taken seriously at surprisingly high levels), innumerable pressure groups in science will want the same thing: Accept our view as science, without evidence, because it achieves certain progressive policy goals. Persecute/prosecute dissenters.

With progressives in charge, it has, of course, been worse than mere prosecution. Consider the Soviet Union’s genetics fraud Trofim Lysenko: “By 1948, when education and research in standard genetics were virtually outlawed, some geneticists had suffered secret arrest and death of undisclosed causes.”

If this continues, the 21st century could host the death of science in our civilization. PC fanatics and their dullard followers will be parading as scientists. That’s fine with progressives. They do not need success, any more than Stalin did. Just control.

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Copernicus, you are not going to believe who is using your name. Or how.