No Sympathy for Kafirs

Brain physiology is such that we feel good when we help others. The Golden Rule, treating others as we would be treated, is hard wired into our physical makeup. However, Mohammed attacked each and every neighbor. Attacking your neighbors is not an expression of the Golden Rule. But, there is no Golden Rule in Islam.

A Kafir is worse than an animal and is hated by Allah. Twelve verses in the Koran say that a Muslim can be friendly to a Kafir, but should never be a true friend. Sympathy allows us to put ourselves in the place of others. This sympathy is outside of Islamic doctrine. In Islamic doctrine those Muslims who are true friends with a Kafir are not truly Islamic.

My personal opinion is that this lack of sympathy for Kafirs is the worst part of Islam. The Koran places barriers between Muslims and Kafir, which violates the idea of humanity being of one spirit.

  • Dana Garcia

    What sane person would want to be friends with a Muslim?

    • I like Ayaan Hirsi Ali!

    • A lot of people have Muslim friends but those friends tend to be secularised and not at all insane.

      • Alain

        You know I hear this so often when I raise the issue of Islam from people. I mean they rush to tell me that they either work with, have a neighbour or a friend who is Muslim and who isn’t at all like what I describe. All I can say based on personal experience is that that co-worker, neighbour or friend will not come to your aid if attacked by other Muslims. In fact, more times than not they will provide some sort of assistance. I don’t care anymore what people call me for pointing this out, but personally never ever would I trust a Muslim of any stripe.

        • Perhaps but it may not speak to all experiences.

          I have a couple of Muslim friends who left their former countries because of the very things we decry Islamists for.

        • P_F

          Your experience is corroborated by millions of hindus/sikhs who suffered loss of their loved ones & possessions by the hands of mohammedans especially who were their friends or neighbors during the partition of India in 1947.
          Anybody who believes that a muslim can be moderate & a friend needs to read history of islam and the countries they invaded. mohammedans may appear friendly but they can never be friends with kuffirs.

        • Will Quest

          One only needs to ask that ersatz pragmatic muslim their opinion on sharia law and the holy jihad to implement it and watch them turn into fundamentalists before your eyes…..
          Today I saw a hijabi pushing a stroller with a veiled baby …. what kind of modesty does an infant need………. For crying out loud …….

  • xavier

    Which is why Islam is such a vile and odious affront to natural law
    Thus Islam is a religion but a necrophilic cult because it can shift as to who’s an unbeliever

  • V10_Rob

    When you regard your opposition as not even human, as inconsequential bugs, things tend to take a nasty turn…