‘Long Summer of Discontent’: Officials Worry Turkish Attack Could Be Start of Terror Campaign

The use of multiple suicide bombers fits the M.O. of ISIS — not the Kurdistan Workers’ Party, or PKK — and so does the target, in this case Ataturk International Airport in Istanbul, they said.

“There are only two groups capable of carrying out such a large scale attack,” a senior U.S. counter-terrorism official said. “This does not fit the PKK profile, they go after Turkish targets, not international targets.”

Also, ISIS is far more bloodthirsty than the Kurdish rebel group, which has been battling Ankara for years and tends to go after military targets.

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Update – A senior Turkish official says nearly 50 people are dead after a suicide bomb attack on Ataturk Airport in #Istanbul

Live updates: Deadly attack on Istanbul airport

  • A gun and bomb attack has hit Istanbul’s Ataturk Airport
  • At least 50 people are thought to be dead and around 100 injured
  • Officials say two suicide bombers blew themselves up after police opened fire
  • Officials said early indications point towards Islamic State being behind the attacks
  • The British Foreign Office said it was “urgently seeking” further information

Trump: Terrorist threat has never been greater

Donald Trump responded to the attack on the Istanbul airport by saying that the “terrorist threat has never been greater.”

“Our enemies are brutal and ruthless and will do anything to murder those who do not bend to their will. We must take steps now to protect America from terrorists, and do everything in our power to improve our security to keep America safe,” the Republican presidential candidate said.

Witnesses describe terror of Istanbul airport attack

ISTANBUL — Witnesses described the terror and destruction that took place Tuesday when several suicide bombers hit the international terminal of Istanbul’s Ataturk airport, killing at least 28 people and wounding some 60 others.

Roads around the airport were sealed off for regular traffic after the attack and several ambulances could be seen driving back and forth. Hundreds of passengers were flooding out of the airport and others were sitting on the grass, their bodies lit by the flashing lights of the emergency vehicles.

Watch: Alleged moment of Istanbul airport blast