Licence to discriminate against Christian schools in California

From Eric Metaxas at Breakpoint:

The California state Senate has passed a bill that would make it harder for Christian institutions to obtain religious exemptions from anti-discrimination laws protecting LGBT individuals, and make state grant money more difficult to obtain while making it easier for students and staff to sue them.

California, by the way, is the nation’s largest state and home to more than 30 higher education institutions that possess religious exemptions to federal or state anti-discrimination laws—at least for now.

The bill’s author, Sen. Ricardo Lara, claims LGBT students and staff have been expelled or fired based on their sexual orientation or gender identity. Lara says, “These universities have a license to discriminate, and students have absolutely no recourse.” Actually, not true—there are plenty of public and private universities in California to choose from that openly accept LGBT lifestyles.

The bill, S.B. 1146, requires schools receiving the exemptions to disclose them publicly. It would also allow religious exemptions only for seminaries or religious vocational training schools, not colleges and universities—so most Christian schools would, in the end, be unable to enforce standards of conduct based on their faith.

While this challenge to religious liberty only concerns California, we all know that what goes on in California, particularly when it comes to matters of culture and law, doesn’t stay in California.More.

Reality check: Eric Metaxas, please! Quit talking about fairness. No fairness is needed.

The key to the problem is that Christians vote for this. Ask, down at your local Jesus Holler (anonymous responses), did people vote for the people and parties fronting all this?

Better sit down to learn the results.

Christianity is fast fading in the West, and nothing so reliably reveals that fact as the unwillingness of Christians to defend their own churches and schools by doing anything that matters. After a while, young people will not be able to advocate or even practice their faith for career reasons.

Then, in a few generations, it will be only a memory, kept alive by those demanding reparations on behalf of injustices they claim their ancestors suffered because of Christianity. For example, “family memories” of racial discrimination at Christian schools will be far more top of mind than the role of Christians in ending the slave trade/slavery.

But in an age of automation and Third World wage slavery, grievances and entitlements will be all that growing numbers of North Americans can bring to market. And their wares are gladly accepted by governing elites. They are so much easier to govern that way and the remaining assets of freer people can be seized to front the bills. Then, of course, there’s wide open euthanasia.

WIth respect, the new elites know the true nature of their subjects better than many who seek to speak for them. Jesus is fun but welfare is what really pays.

See also: Christians driven from campus – of course! But so what? Their parents will continue to vote for it and so will they. None of them will form a party for change.