House Dems Threw A Tantrum…Then “America’s Congressman” HUMILIATES Them With EPIC Rant!

“Progressives” live in the past. The Democrats’ idiotic and counterproductive politics of nostalgia was on display again this week, when a gang of Congressmen actually staged a sit-in hone the floor of the House.

This is the behavior Americans have, unfortunately, come to expect from spoiled college students since the 1960s. Seeing so-called adults, particularly their elected representatives, indulging in this behavior is galling.

  • simus1

    Not too far back in the past.
    The DemocRats still haven’t got around to apologizing for supporting pre Civil War slavery and its post CW lesser equivalent big time.
    Then again always a big tent, different times. The corrupt filth running big cities or small ones were welcome as well.