EXCLUSIVE: “Refugee” men now “students” in NB school, “hitting on 14-15 year old girls”


NB story 2


Faith Goldy of TheRebel.media reports: After my investigation into reports that migrant children in Nova Scotia were bullying other students, TheRebel.media set up a tip line — tips@therebel.media — for parents whose children were also being bullied.

Using that tip line, a New Brunswick parents says there are migrant “children” at her child’s school as old as 22. These adult males “with full beards” are “hitting on the 14-15 year old girls.”

TheRebel.media filed a freedom of information request to get to the bottom of this — and over 2000 documents came in, and more are on the way. Emails between teachers reveal what’s going on in their classrooms, and what they say will shock you.

On Thursday, I’ll present my full report, but throughout the week, more previews like this one will be posted.

  • Liberal Progressive

    But this is a multicultural country so we have to accept that their culture is superior to our own.

    Besides, if we don’t, we will get charged by the government Human Rights commissions with hate crimes.

    • We’re all h8trs for pointing out that Islam is a violent supremacist cult in no way compatible with western civilization just sayin.

    • Editor

      A few years ago, you would have needed to put the /sarcasm tag to that comment. Not anymore.

  • Hard Little Machine

    Wait till a 12 year old girl is raped and impregnated and her rapist takes her to court to bar an abortion and to marry the rape victim against her will and she loses because we’re supposed to love their culture. Figure next year, the latest.

    • Justin will be a character witness.

    • V10_Rob

      I suspect not a single MP, of any party, has their children in (or would allow their children to be in), one of these schools. If they did, well, then we’d find out just how committed to diversity and multiculti they really are.

  • useless opinion

    This is easy, any of the minor girls who might or may or were touched by one of these creeps could put forward a complaint. This complaint would take the form of invitation to sexual touching of a child and sexual interference of a child. Really, it probably has already happened, so go forth and make the complaint and see if the police in nova scotia have learned anything from the lack of action by the police in Rotherham.

    • I suspect the police would be extremely reluctant to pursue a case like that. What’s in it for them? Potentially ruined careers is what. It’s not like some working class mom in New Brunswick can afford an aggressive lawyer.

  • Linda1000

    I have limited sympathy for Maritime Cdns. as they consistently vote in Li(e)beral politicians and leaders like Trudeau who are champions of uncontrolled immigration. This problem in Nova Scotia will not be confined to just one province though and it’s going to get worse.

    • Bingo.

      (SEE: reap, sow)

    • In my defense, I didn’t vote for this shit.

    • Alain

      It is likely hard for others to believe but it wasn’t always like that in the Maritimes. When most traditional means of livelihood have been destroyed by both foreigners and the federal government resulting in many generations being dependent on welfare, this is the result. Add the mass influx of what I call third-world trash to the mixture, and it will get worse.

  • Oh, no.

    This is because we don’t have enough ESL classes.

  • Jim Horne

    / sarc on

    May I suggest that teachers and new students be issued a copy of Emily Post’s
    Etiquette in Society, in Business, in Politics and at Home and use it as study guide to address behavioural issues.

    If after a rigorous study of the advice provided by Ms. Post students choose to continue to act like beasts then they should be treated accordingly. In this case teachers should be issued an effective tool for addressing behavioral problems. Below is such a tool.

    Stunning Developments BattleProd:
    Less-Lethal Combat/Tactical Stun Baton: 3-5 Million Volts!

    / sarc off

  • Minicapt

    Next, the parents show up with baseball bats and hit on the ‘boys’.


  • simus1

    All these sons of the prophet will promptly decamp for MO and TO, and points south ASAP once fed dollars stop going into maritime patronage pockets on their behalf. These infidel middle school “women” are getting a bit long in the tooth as brides for muslim men when you consider that there are 6 or 7 year old female first cousins back in Dar al Salaam waiting for them to get their shit together.

    Don’t miss your big chance, ladies.