A Free Society Is The Common Enemy Of Radical Islam And The Left

Our elites compete with each other for conjuring away the obvious or turning it into a spearhead against the open society that offends both totalitarian Islam and the Left.

It has been a quarter-century since the Crown Heights riots in August 1991. The driver of a car in the Rebbe Menachem Schneerson’s motorcade lost control and accidentally killed a seven-year-old black child. An angry mob, bent on revenge, stabbed to death an innocent Jewish scholar. One incident in those lethal three days is a connecting strand to the Orlando carnage.

At the height of the rioting, New York Newsday columnist Jimmy Breslin took a cab to Crown Heights to cover a talk by then-Mayor David Dinkins. A pack of some 25 black youths swarmed the cab, smashing in its windshield with a bat. They stripped him to his underwear, beat, and robbed him. During the attack, an assailant shouted, “White man! White man!” It did not matter that Breslin was not a Jew. He was white. That was enough. Bloodlust is simpler than we make it.