US Military Takes A Stand Against Obama

“Mutiny,” like “treason,” isn’t a word anyone should throw around lightly. When a distinguished soldier uses it, civilians should sit up and take notice.

Normally no soldier would celebrate a mutiny, either, but these aren’t ordinary times, and the soldier in question is no ordinary man in uniform, either.

Allen West is one such extraordinary man, and he’s penned a lengthy reaction to a new Washington Times report…

  • Um, why wasn’t this done before?

  • Linda1000

    If Trump wins, I hope he picks Allen West for some role in his gov’t.

  • mauser 98

    West one of the few to call Barry an “Islamic sympathizer”
    West did cave on Barry’s fake documents

  • simus1

    Armies were organized by the first bureaucrats to make sure their tax collectors had few problems while making their rounds.

    Rulers usually last a few decades at most. Armies, often a few centuries at least.
    Vice President West in office would certainly give pause to any bad guys thinking that offing President Trump would solve any of their problems.

  • Reader

    But Barack just wants to the US Military to Camp It Up.