Gaza-based pro-ISIS group urges Muslims on social media to donate for weapons

Over the past several days, a Gaza-based group that supports Islamic State opened its annual fund-raising campaign on social media such as Twitter, Facebook, YouTube and Telegram.

Gaza ISIS Fundraiser

  • V10_Rob

    “For just a dollar a day, less than a cup of coffee, you too can sponsor a martyr…”

  • Gary

    I’m so glad that I took a stance against the Bank Of Montreal that used some of the Share Holders Dividend money to sponsor PRIDE while the 2 pro-hamas/Sharia group group were allowed to march in it.
    The BMO Lawyer’s mocked me when I tried to warn them about hamas in Gaza that brutally murders homosexuals which is why they must distance they self from these groups to support the intent of the Parade but not all views expressed. Good luck for the weasels in the Board Room or the CEO to try to wash their hands clean of the Orlando slaughter which was inspired by the same quran used by ISIS, Hamas, Hezballah , BOKO , Al-Qeada and most jihadists .
    GLAAD went after the CEO of Mozilla over the gay marriage issue because he was against it back in 2008 just as Obama and Hillary were against gay marriage .
    So lets apply the outrage and moral standards equally for the BMO CEO and the Board of Director retro-actively for their support to PRIDE when hamas friendly groups were in and the Sharia they endorsed had the same homophobic hatred from the quran used in Gaza as it was used in Orlando at the Pulse Club to slaughter 49 homosexuals.

    It was around 5 years in a row that Corporation lined up to sponsor PRIDE to look Gay-Friendly to increase sales and revenues but at the same time people that supported hamas were in the parade and it’s sharia that sanctions murdering homosexuals .