Facebook and politics

It’s worth recalling how quickly Facebook has evolved from its early days. Enemies of the site like to claim that its days are numbered, as the young people who helped it grow in its early days have largely abandoned it in favour of social media that feels more exclusive and direct, like Snapchat and Instagram. A site that only a young person’s friends and their friends knew about is now the sort of place where your parents share your prom pictures, your grandmother “likes” your reposting of a Huffington Post article, and your uncle argues about old Styx records on a forum for collectors of vintage tube stereo equipment.

  • ismiselemeas

    McGinnis’ only salient point is that conservatives would inevitably fail at their own social media engine because of infighting. He misses the point that the grannies posting christening photos are the wealthiest generation in the history of humankind. Facebook, like all good companies, is out to make a buck. Who can blame them? They have wiped out entire industries, they’ll do it again, plus they’re really smart.