Exporting Jihad: Bosnia and Kosovo

Bosnia and Kosovo are two of the biggest exporters of jihadists joining the Islamic State (ISIS) and al-Nusra Front (al-Qaeda’s affiliate in Syria) from the Balkans. As The Cipher Brief reported last month, legacies of the Communist era and the wars of the 1990s – presence of foreign fighters, economic and physical destruction, a lack of funding to rebuild, and the near eradication of moderate Islamic institutions – paved the way for Islamic extremist groups to establish a foothold in both countries. Now, ISIS recruiters are targeting Bosnia and Kosovo, and many Bosnians and Kosovars have left to fight in Syria and Iraq.

  • robins111

    It wasn’t that Yugoslavian wars of the 90’s nor lack of funding bullshit line, they were well on the way of a rape jihad before the wars, point of fact, it was the mistreatment of the Serbs in Kosovo which was the springboard that started the Balkan hissy-fit that followed..

  • Alain

    Aren’t they friends of Bill Clinton? I seem to remember how we were also guilty of getting involved and supporting these “friends”.

  • memphis

    A new Marshall Tito is whats needed there