Shocking video: ISIS Executes 5 Journalists, Shows Internet Bloggers Blown Up with Own Computers

This is sharia enforcement. Under islamic law you cannot criticize, question or offend Islam. The Islamic State is slaughtering journalists, and still the Obama administration and his running dogs in the enemedia scrubs and whitewashes the motive from this holy war.

Obama’s “JV” team means to shut down free speech, and they have the tacit support of Western media — it’s astonishing. The media attacked me after the Garland jihad attack on our free speech event. Why? Because I violated the sharia. If I am guilty, so are these journalists. Does the media support this slaughter as well? Their silence speaks volumes.

  • mauser 98

    to get big attention ISIS should start waving some Confederate flags

  • simus1

    Terming Emperor Barry’s adoring MSM claque, “Running Dogs”, is elevating them much too far above their real world status.

    • Will Quest

      Could….. Gumistiyi …. “The One Who Keeps Trying” …… and his MSM claque be separated with a crowbar ??????

      • Will Quest


  • k1962

    Just horrific and we keep inviting them here.

    • Will Quest

      & once again the velvet glove of sharia drops to expose a bloody iron fist …..

  • Alain

    It never fails. Read through the comments and there are some claiming they must be fake videos and one defending the lack of “moderate” Muslims (you know the big majority so we are told) protesting such barbarism. I doubt these comments are all from Muslims, which leaves some brain-dead leftists. Nothing short of getting their own throat slit would change their mind, and then it would already be too late. No matter they well deserve it, as I am sick and tired of such people lying and determined to bury what we witness just about daily in one country or another.

  • Hard Little Machine

    Oh pish posh just blame Trump and/or the Jews.

    • Justin St.Denis

      That seems to be the strategy.

  • Hard Little Machine

    And none of there were Christiane Amanpour. Fucking bullshit.