Political correctness gone mad in case of Black Lives Matter TO

Has political correctness made everyone — most particularly our city and provincial politicians — lose all shred of common sense?

It seems so, considering Black Lives Matter TO is not only set to be honoured at the July 3 Pride parade but has also been selected to receive City Hall’s William P. Hubbard Award for Race Relations — one of five yearly Access, Equity and Human Rights awards given to leftist activists selected by other leftists who make their livelihood largely off government grants.

This is the group whose “leadership” for lack of a better term includes a muslim supremacist who hates whites.

But it’s not surprising given the City of Toronto’s Uzma Shakir, director of equity, diversity and human rights is a Muslim who supports the implementation of sharia law, is anti-Israel and says “immigrants” do not owe Canada loyalty.

If Mayor Tory had any balls he’d deny the award and fire Shakir. He doesn’t and he won’t.

  • mauser 98

    …..Barry made it official
    “The Obama administration recently made changes to the Oath of Allegiance
    to the United States in a manner very conducive to Sharia, or Islamic


    • Alain

      I may be mistaken, but I do not think the president has the power to do that. Not saying he wouldn’t try it.

      • Linda1000

        Must be his magic executive order pen again. I think I read some blurb that he was being challenged on it as acting outside the scope of presidential authority but who knows. Ozero is going to in the next few months pull off anything possible no matter how outrageous or illegal.

    • JoKeR

      I wonder if he will also demand that the salute that used to go with the US Pledge of Allegiance before World War 2, must also be used when swearing the Oath?


  • Waffle

    Doncha just love getting screwed over by guys who live in Rosedale mansions and don’t smoke crack (that we know of)?

    • Alain

      Perhaps but I bet they snort a lot.

    • Waffle

      He finally got the position of power (minor, though it is) that he craved by selling his soul to the devil in the blue dress:


  • robins111

    Do they know whats coming or are they that effing stupid??

  • simus1

    Sharia John and lots of other progressive vote whores (ex: SP) are likely waiting for Emperor Barry to break trail for all their “conversions” to the ROP.
    Getting cozy with “black lies matter” will do for now.

  • JoKeR
    • mauser 98

      been there

  • WalterBannon

    which is why I did not vote for Tory and never will.

    He is progressive (fascist) scum.

    • dance…dancetotheradio

      Daily smile: ‘If John Tory had any balls.’
      Remember John Tory was the campaign director who okayed the anti-Chretien ad during the 1993 election.

  • marty_p

    There is an entire cabal of politically correct vote seeking hypocrites who would stab themselves in the back if it would get them ahead.