Egypt: New Attacks on Christians

In a chronically familiar scene, angry, rioting Muslims in Egypt burned down around 80 Christian homes on June 17. In the words of one of the victims, Moses Zarif,

“On Friday afternoon, after noon prayers, a large number of Muslims gathered in the front of the new house of my cousin because a rumor had spread in the village that it would be turned into a church. They were chanting slogans against us: ‘By no means will there be a church here’ and ‘Egypt will remain Islamic!'”

  • infedel

    Europe will remain European is called racist xenophobic islamiphobic, but islamic countries can state they will be islamic…even if those countries had a longer history of Christianity….and the world press and elite think this narrative will hold.

    • Not for much longer.

      • infedel

        Not for much longer indeed.