Despite Statistics Canada’s initial claims, its website didn’t crash because Canadians love filling out the census

Remember all the media hype last month about how Canadians were so overjoyed by Prime Minister Justin Trudeau’s restoration of the long-form census killed by Stephen Harper, they crashed Statistics Canada’s website in their rush to provide census information to the government?

Turns out it wasn’t true.

  • k2

    “Why didn’t StatsCan publicly correct its inaccurate statement that Canadians’ enthusiasm for filling out the census crashed its site, especially since it led to widespread, inaccurate media reporting?”

    He knows the answer, as we all do: it’s not in their self-interest to do so: they get their pay cheques from the federal government, after all.

  • mauser 98

    stupid census… nothing they didn’t already know

  • Exile1981

    Evidently our town had such a low census turn out they sent a guy door to door last week, to threaten people about not having sent it in.

  • DD_Austin

    stats Can is the same as the CBC

    just another government propaganda mill

  • richfisher

    Just another bullshit and entirely useless Ministry of Checkin Za Paperz.

  • Alain

    How many people are aware that after forcing people to provide personal information, they turn around and sell it? The only information they should be able to request is: name, citizen or status, age, sex and location of residence. Speaking of age, I recall how totally stupid it was. It required you to enter your birthdate along with all the others residing at the same place, then asked for the age of the same people. Anyway I am still fuming over that experience: two long form census, the standard and one for agriculture.

  • WalterBannon

    some census nazi has been harassing me almost every day, sometimes several times a day, to fill out the census.

    screw them

    • Alain

      I hear you. Another option used by many if forced to fill out one is to fill it out with garbage – incorrect information.