“Christmas vacation” a microaggression at Chapel Hill U

From Eric Owens at Daily Caller

Christmas vacations are a microagression, the public university pontificates, because “academic calendars and encouraged vacations” which “are organized around major religious observances” centralize “the Christian faith” and diminish “non-Christian spiritual rituals and observances.”More.

Reality check: Thus, the only microaggression is the most common holiday observed.

This and the list of other microaggressions make clear that students are not being educated to live in the real world but to be at war with it and dominate it if they can..

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  • There is a Grinch joke here somewhere and I am struggling to find it.

  • Surele Surele

    It would be only fair, if those protesting Christmas vacation be made to work, or study while the rest of us celebrates and rests… I am not really saying what they should do to themselves, but I’m a lady.

  • V10_Rob

    Fine. We bigots will go take our hateful Christmas vacation and inflict cultural aggression against each other on the ski slopes for a week. Meanwhile, sensible and compassionate people can attend a several day seminar and workshop to discuss ‘Jesus or Santa Claus: Who Best Personifies White Male Patriarchal Hatred?’ and ‘Climate Change And The Genocide of Snowpersons’. Then everybody is happy.

  • Hard Little Machine

    Oh the stories I could tell of the battles with UNC-CH as the parent of a student there, a tax payer, and as a former adjunct. They are slightly to the left of Berkeley there and proud of it.