Trump as Sieg Heil and all that

From Breitbart:

A writer for the left-leaning Israeli paper Ha’aretz, for example, has published an op-ed titled: “Will Explosive Brexit Shocker Trigger a Chain Reaction That Makes Trump President?” Citing Hannah Arendt’s The Origins of Totalitarianism, the author draws dark connections between Trump and Brexit:

The same elements of white resentment, fear of immigrants, anxiety over globalization, animosity towards cosmopolitan elites of every shape and kind and people’s wish “to take their country back in their hands,” as Trump said, could come together at just the right time to elect the GOP candidate as President as well. More.

Reality check: Excuse us plebs for having an opinion, O enlightened one, but why shouldn’t people resent losing their jobs? Being asked to consider sharia law instead of English Common Law (the glory of the English-speaking peoples)?

Leyt alone the fact that we are being lectured by overeducated flea brains who would not in fact prevent any serious disaster—and are the least likely people to cope with it well? We’ll be carrying them out of the disaster zones they created. But that fact does not force us to allow them to run our lives now.

Donald Trump is, like most men, a product of his times. He happened because the GOP was not listening to its voters. The GOP is probably too chronically corrupt to ever listen to its voters again, which is why it is doomed, funeral date undecided. Same with the Conservative Party of Canada.

We need parties for life as citizens of the Western world. No guff.

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Donald Trump, downtown, n’ me

  • Drunk_by_Noon

    Ha’aretz would rather see a third term of Obama than any conservitive.
    Leftist Jews call ALL conservatives with a chance at winning “Hitler” and I’m sick of it.
    Sick to the point that I will in the future gravitate toward to whomever they hate.
    They pulled this nonsense with Pat Buchanan back in 2000, and it turns out he was right on just about everything twenty years ago and so I can only conclude that they must hate America as fervently as a Nazi hates them.
    The left’s Judaeo-Collectivists can all go screw themselves. I’m solidly with the Alt-Right now and they have no influence over me anymore.

  • Haaretz is a pile of shit.

  • Alain

    Ha’aretz is all you need to know here. Just think of the Guardian or NYT and increase the lunacy by a few points, and you get the picture.

  • tom_billesley

    There are some parallels Donald Trump / Boris Johnson

    ‘We’ve got to stop Boris’: Tories warn that handing Johnson the keys to No 10 after Brexit will be like riding the ‘big dipper’ as Cameron plans his final 100 days

    I expect to see lots of #NeverBoJo tweets and “MakeBritainGreat Again” hats from the rival camps